Let’s get “civical”

Anthony Martorano – Contributor

With Thanksgiving now behind us, I’m looking forward to the holiday season! This week’s Let’s Get Civical is all about how you can give back to your local community! 

To help aide small businesses hurt by the pandemic, the city of New Haven has created an online marketplace featuring over 50 stores. It was made with the hopes that people will think local this coming holiday shopping season. Check out the site here: https://www.marketplacenhv.com/shop-retail 

Speaking of giving it back, you can also donate to Southern’s very own food pantry. The pantry, located in the Wintergreen building, strives to help financially struggling students meet their basic needs. Learn more here: http://news.southernct.edu/2020/11/12/food-pantry/ 

The Salvation Army needs extra support this year due to the number of people left jobless because of COVID. Their goal this year is to raise $455,000 in Connecticut alone. Click the link to find out where and how you can pitch in: https://www.wtnh.com/on-air/gmct-at-nine/help-the-salvation-army-serve-connecticut-families-in-need-this-holiday-season/ 

Catch you up next week for more civic-related news! 

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