Are Horoscopes for you? Delve into the astrological part of your birth

Ellis McGinley Copy Editor

Horoscopes: a long-lived tradition, often printed in newspapers and shared on cheesy romance websites. Ask anyone what their sign is, and they’ll likely be able to tell you which of the twelve Greek zodiacs they were born under. 

With apps like Co-Star and Pattern, which are dedicated to helping users analyze their ‘birth chart’ (a collection of all the constellations in the sky when a person was born) and compare it with friends, horoscopes are facing a social media revival.  

But is it ‘okay’ to track a horoscope?  

Horoscopes have been loosely debunked. They’re not banked by a theory that can be tested, and there isn’t any rational evidence that the constellation someone is born under will have any influence over who they are or what happens over the course of their life.  

That being said, horoscopes are also ancient. There are types from all different cultures: Chinese, Celtic, Aztec, Egyptian… They’re even a part of some religions and can be used in decisions as large as marriages or when to have children.  

It can surely be taken too far. Those who are far-gone enough to try to defend unkind behavior with their zodiac sign should reconsider. The fact that someone is a Scorpio isn’t an excuse for being mean–if one believes that, then they might consider heeding it as a warning and putting extra effort into positivity.  

I also wouldn’t end a relationship because our zodiac signs were incompatible. Again, I would heed whatever those incompatibilities were as potential flags that we could pay attention to, not a warning sign that the whole relationship ought to be thrown away. 

I think that one should go for any kind of metaphysical guidance. A local psychic might be of value if her advice resonates, whether or not it’s because she can really see in the future but doesn’t allow her to make every life choice.  

A tarot deck can be a great way to gain insight into an aspect of ongoing conflict, but it shouldn’t harbinger the end of all good times. 

Crystals can be worn because they’re believed to bring good luck or positive thinking, but they probably shouldn’t be trusted with a life. 

So, my ultimate takeaway: do it. Just do it with a grain of salt. The world is chaotic! We hardly know what’s going to happen from one day to the next, and there are endless things out of our hands. If it brings any comfort or wisdom to check a daily horoscope or call up a local psychic, then why not? 

I really think that sometimes, we have to choose between logical and emotional. Both have their place, and it comes down to what the individual needs or wants: facts over feelings, confidence over comfort. Horoscopes might be generic psychobabble, but I, for one, like reading mine, because it appeases the emotional side of me looking to introspect.   

For those looking for something similar, I would especially recommend the app Co-Star. It requires your date and time of birth to create a chart, and you can add other friends to compare compatibility. The app gives daily notifications and insight into what might be going on based on where various planets are in their orbits. 

For a quick breakdown, Cafe Astrology offers a comprehensive, if potentially overwhelming, chart available for free on their website. 

Whether or not anyone believes in all this, there’s often good advice and a new perspective there. It just happens to be presented under the guidance of stars, and it makes me happy. Whose place is it to take that away? 

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