Today: Apr 21, 2024

I’m thankful for my roots at Southern News

Jessica GuerrucciEditor-in-Chief

I remember standing outside the newsroom door my freshman year, ultimately deciding I was too scared to go in. Now, three years later, my greatest memories from my time here are in that room.

When I decided to study journalism, I don’t think I understood what I was getting myself into. All I knew was that I loved to write. I wasn’t a leader; I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life or what I was capable of.

When I started as a reporter at the Southern News, I fell in love. Some hate the deadlines, but for me it was a rush. I loved the feeling of nailing the perfect ending to a story. I loved being able to meet the most unique people and share their stories.

There’s just something about seeing your name in print that makes you feel proud.

From that, I found a growing confidence in my ability to write and I found comfort in meeting and talking to new people–still, though, I didn’t ever think I’d ever become Editor-in-chief.

But I was told to think bigger.

Southern News advisers, Prof. Simoneau and Prof. Harris always had my back and helped me believe in myself. They and the other professors I’ve had in the journalism department have taken the time to make sure that I am successful in whatever I do.

As managing editor and now as editor-in-chief, I’ve grown considerably. Every person that has passed through that newsroom has shown me how I can improve upon myself, and they’ve helped me find my voice and confidence.

I felt so in my element on those Monday days doing layout. I stepped up and became a leader. Helping the staff layout and problem solving each little issue never felt tedious to me because I truly loved what I was doing.

Not only have I been part of the team, I’ve met some of my best friends who have been there to cheer me on no matter what I do–and as we all go on in life, I hope to do the same for them.

As a journalist, the stories we tell leave an impact. The connections we make are invaluable. We have the ability to make a difference and I’m excited to see where this profession takes me.

I’m proud to have been a part of the Southern News, Crescent Magazine, Society of Professional Journalists and of course, the journalism department- and while I’m excited to see what I do next in life, I’m thankful that I set my roots down here.

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