STUDENTS debate voting decisions

Sofia Rositanti Arts & Entertainment Editor

The election has been a major part of the 2020 year since it first started. Now just days away from the much anticipated election between Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, some students are ready for it to be over with while others are nervous for the outcome.

Business major Ni’asha Greene, a freshman, may not be able to vote for this upcoming election but if she could, she would vote for Joe Biden.

I had a feeling that Trump would win but now I feel like Biden [may win]. I feel like his cause is better for more people, where Trump he’s helping but only a certain circle of people,” Greene said.

She said she has somewhat been following the election, she said she watched one of the debates and talked to students about it, but has not avidly participated in the electoral process or heavily debated the outcome of election day.

“I thought that Trump made himself look foolish because every time he talked, he bashed Biden instead of actually talking about what he was supposed to talk about,” Greene said.

Though Greene may not be able to vote this year but public health major, Zaiyah Mckenzie-Henderson, a junior, will be voting, even though she does not like either candidates on the democratic or republican side.

“I think Biden is going to win just because Gen-Z kids. We are going crazy this year,” Mckenzie-Henderson said.

Mckenzie-Henderson will be voting for Biden on Tuesday. She does not particularly like him, but does not want Trump in office for another four years.

“I think people who aren’t voting is very irritating, because you should just have a say in what you want and don’t complain because you chose not to participate in something that is effecting you in the next four years,” Mckenzie-Henderson said.

Chemistry major Joshua Cruz, a sophomore, said he will not vote for a presidential candidate but will be voting to keep his district representative, Jahana Hayes, in.

“The biggest reason is because Connecticut’s a blue state so it’s going to Joe Biden anyways and the candidate I voted for in the primary, Bernie Sanders, did not win the primary so I don’t really see it as a point for me to go and vote for Joe Biden,” Cruz said. “Who is someone who is just the incrementally better Donald Trump, especially in a blue state. I think if we were in a swing state, I would consider it but here I don’t think there is any point for me to do it.”

Cruz said he is wary to say who is going to win because in the last election, everyone was sure that Hillary Clinton was going to win. But now due to the circumstances with over half of the country already having their ballots in through mail, and many of those who voted by polling voted for Biden, there could be a possibility for him.

With the electoral college also playing a role in the final decision, students have questioned whether or not the popular vote will ultimately decide who wins the 2020 presidential election.

“I didn’t think this was going to happen,” Cruz said. “I thought Joe Biden was going to lose to Donald Trump because the is what happened in 2016, but for now I think Joe Biden might be able to edge him out.”

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