Let’s get ‘civical’

Anthony Martorano – Contributor 

Hello Owls! Here’s a weekly roundup of what’s happened in Connecticut last week and what to look forward to on campus in the coming weeks:  

  • What’s on everyone’s mind might now be in your own backyard. Governor Ned Lamont reported that 84 municipalities in Connecticut are now considered either red or orange COVID-19 sites. Be sure to check your town’s status and mask up. 
  • The staff of Branford’s Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter have recently rescued over 20 cats from a hording house in the area. The cats are all in need of immediate medical care, and the shelter is seeking donations to assist in the recovery. To donate, or see how you could get involved, visit Branford-ct.gov
  • SCSU launches its very own podcast. It’s called Diversity in Higher Ed, and features Dr. Diane Ariza and Shante Hanks discussing today’s most important issues relating to diversity, equity and inclusion. Check it out! 
  • Voter registration broke a new record in Connecticut ahead of Election Day. More than 2.3 million residents registered this year! Good job! 

That’s all for this week, check back next week for more information on what’s going on in Connecticut.   

This piece was written as part Professor Melanie Savelli’s Capstone Communication course which promotes student civic engagement and social justice initiatives.  

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