Students addicted to ‘AMong Us’

Donovan Wilson Reporter

What started as a meme has become a world and campus-wide phenomenon called “Among Us.”

The multiplayer mobile game “Among Us” revolves around a crew in a spaceship. It typically is about ten people in one of three maps. There are around eight crewmates and one to three imposters.

Crewmates attempt tasks around the map. The imposters have to kill the crewmates without getting caught and once a member is found dead, a meeting is held to hopefully vote out the imposter responsible – however, many people try to deceive each other.

“I think I am addicted to the game because it’s a murder mystery. It takes strategy but also teamwork. You have to make a strategy whether you are the imposter or the crewmate,” said psychology major Jacquelyn Jurewicz, a sophomore.

One of the reasons people are attracted to “Among Us” is the strategy it takes to master the game. Some people might play singularly, but the way to get ahead is teamwork. Whether an imposter or a crewmate, players are on a team and can use that aspect to the players advantage to get ahead in the game or ignore it, which may end in the players untimely demise.

“There isn’t a lot of skills required to be good at it, which is another reason why I think a lot of others really took to it. Like I play rocket league and to be really good at it. You need over 1000 hours but for ‘Among Us,’ you could be really good just after a week of playing,” said biotech major Miles Bagoly, a junior.

Another big reason for the games huge and sudden popularity is its accessibility. The game is only $5 on a computer and entirely free on a phone with the downloadable content being optional, so it is affordable for almost anybody.

The gameplay is also intuitive and can be picked up easily within about three games, making it very easy to sink a lot of time into.

“With the right group of people, it enhances the experiences. I think that’s the lure to “Among Us” over the aforementioned Town of Salem or Werewolf Online, which can be arranged, but it’s harder to manage,” said psychology major Jacob Adorno, a sophomore.

“Among Us” is beginning to become more popular than its peers. Games like “Town Of Salem” share a similar concept but have taken a backseat compared to the game. Its accessibility and more strategic nature definitely led to this aspect.

Customizability is another large draw to the game. Players get to pick their name, color, hat, skin and even how the game runs if they are the one in charge of the lobby. Players also have the option to buy pets who will follow them around during the game and one of them is a mini version of the players character that will remain where they were killed for the rest of the game, if you are indeed killed.

The game has blown up this year, yet it is not new; it was originally released back in 2018. However, during the summer and the quarantine of this year, games of a party like multiplayer nature rose to popularity, specifically “Among Us” and “Fall Guys.” The latter has begun to dip significantly in popularity but with new updates planned, “Among Us” is getting bigger.

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