Revived series brings suspense

Jessica GuerrucciEditor-in-Chief

Just in time for Halloween, this spooky series has returned for a second volume, bringing us more “Unsolved Mysteries” that leave viewers wanting to know more.

The second volume brings suspicious deaths, missing children, spirit encounters and more.

The opening episode featured the murder of Jack Wheeler, a former White House aide, whose body was found in a landfill.

The episode shows Wheeler in the days before his disappearance wandering around. This led me to believe that he just lost it, especially after the episode mentioned he had bipolar disorder.

Other theories arose that he was assassinated by the United States government because he knew something he shouldn’t.

The fifth episode was the one I found the most haunting. It was about the disappearance of JoAnn Romain after attending a prayer service in January 2010. Police first ruled it a suicide, saying he simply walked into the water, but her daughters thought otherwise.

It took two months until her body was found in the Detroit River, 35 miles from where she was believed to have died-but the water which she supposedly walked into was only a few feet deep and had no current.

By far the most bizarre thing to happen was in episode three, when they let a death row fugitive go Christmas shopping in 1973 unsupervised and expected him not to escape.

The most powerful episode was “Tsumani Spirits,” which tells the stories of the spirits who live in the Tohoku region of Japan after they were killed in March 2011 after being hit by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake.

I do think it’s possible that these ghosts still haunt the island. Interestingly, it was claimed they don’t know that they’re dead. “A Death in Olso” was the most mysterious of all.

A woman was killed in a hotel. She checked in under a false identity and years later her death and her identity have remained a mystery. I just found this one to be frustrating since they really had no evidence to go off of.

The final episode of the season was the most heart wrenching. It focuses on two toddlers that vanished from the same New York City park in May and August 1989.

All of these other stories seem bizarre and unlikely to happen, but stolen kids could. Of all the episodes, I think that this one has the potential to be solved.

So if you’re looking for a series to give you some chills around the Halloween season, “Unsolved Mysteries” Volume Two is definitely worth the watch.

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