Borat 2 a ‘Great Sucess’

Mike Neville Sports Editor

Just when you thought that 2020 could not get any stranger, out from the shadows 14 years later the return of Borat. 

Portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen, this is the second film in the film franchise and just one of the many out of this world films that Cohen has been in. 

The film made its debut on Amazon Prime Friday and it did not disappoint in the humor department. 

Checking off every category of offensiveness, lewdness and just outright outrageousness, the film is not for the faint of heart. 

The main plot of the film surrounded current events like the presidential race and the coronavirus. 

Borat is sent to the United States to make friends with Michael Pence, and later Rudy Giuliani and if he is unsuccessful, he will be executed by the Kazakhstan government. 

To do this, Borat attempts to gift his daughter Tutar portrayed by Maria Bakalova to Pence and Giuliani. 

Towards the end of the film, Giuliani gained some real-life heat for his actions in the movie during what he thought was an interview with “” character. 

The Borat franchise is not your average film, as most of the movie is not scripted and the reactions of people in the film are genuine. 

Borat 2 poked fun at about everyone, with scenes that claimed Hilary Clinton drinks the blood of children and that democrats are demonic creatures. 

The fact that Cohen was able to put together this film during mass chaos surrounding the world is not only incredible but makes the movie that much more meaningful. 

As the end of the film drew near, a complete plot twist occurred, as the reason for Borat’s excursion to the United States was not to make friends with Trump, but to spread COVID-19  

This movie was so ridiculous that it was funny and left me speechless throughout the film.  

To make the film not as offensive as it was fourteen years ago, subtle tweaks were put in place.  

Instead of the “running of the Jew” the film changed it to “the running of the American” which took shots at Dr. Fauci, Donald Trump and even the “Karen’s” of the world.  

What we can take away from this film is that all bets were off, and nobody was safe when it came to who targeted.  

With the world up in shambles and COVID-19 slowly making its return, Borat 2 was exactly what the world needed to put a smile on their faces. 

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