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Registration process should not have changed

Sofia RositaniArts & Entertainment Editor

This year, registration is already looking different. Instead of following the year the students are in, it will also differ if you are a resident or commuter. As much as this idea seems good, it causes issues for students including myself.

Registration will have students who are residents get first pick on in-person or hybrid courses, two hours before commuters can. Of course, commuters will get first pick at online only courses also. Seniors have priority overall, which is something that has not changed.

This will be difficult for students because as a resident, some of the classes I may need to take will be online only, and it may be the same for commuter students who can only take a certain class in-person.

“Those students found themselves in a financial contract so looking ahead to spring registration, we wanted to be sure that those students had some priority,” said Edstrom, according to an article by the Southern News.

This means that because I spent more money as a resident, I get to pick classes earlier. I do not think that it is very fair to commuter students who pay just as much to get an education at this university. I understand that the university is in debt and that we, as residents, are helping, but that does not mean we should get priority over what classes we can take.

The good thing about this happening is that Banner Web will not crash like it usually does during registration day, which will definitely help with the anxiety of getting the classes I want.

“The number of students who live on campus by year included 13 graduate students, 110 seniors with 90 or more credits, 241 juniors with 60 to 89.5 credits, 387 sophomores with 30 to 59.5 credits, and 698 freshmen with 0 to 29.5 credits. These students will be getting priority over commuters on registration day,” said Robert Demezzo, according to an article about registration.

Due to such a small number of residential students this semester, it will not help students who absolutely need a certain online course because then they will have to go on the website during the commuter’s turn and try to get the course they want, which can ultimately crash the site and in turn ruin the commuters’ chances of getting a class they want.

I feel bad for the freshmen because it is already hard enough to get classes they want as it is, but with this added portion, it will only make it way more difficult for them, especially if the university has more online courses than in-person classes.

This will also be the first time they have picked their own courses, which means their anxiety will be high because they would want the classes they had decided with their INQ professor. As a Peer Mentor, some of my students are worried about what will happen since half are in-person and the other half are at home doing class virtually and since this is such a new way of doing registration, I cannot offer them a lot of my knowledge on what will happen when they do register.

Students who pay to get their education at Southern should get to pick their courses with students in the same year at the same time rather than at different times because they could not or would not pay extra fees to stay on campus. It only makes sense this way.

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