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‘Owl or Nothing’ a hit so far

Mike NevilleSports Editor

Students and followers of Owls athletics will not have to look far to enjoy their beloved teams with the debut of the ‘Owl or Nothing’ podcast.

The new podcast hosted by Jay Turiano, Christopher Lynn and occasionally Ken Sweeten features athlete interviews Tuesdays and Thursdays.

With four episodes out already, the podcast has done an exceptional job at not only providing sports news, but entertaining content as well.

Episode one was a feeling out process with opening music that could be described as alternative, describing what the podcast is going to discuss and an introduction to the hosts.

The most exciting part of the podcast was when Jay Moran made his presence felt, discussing his life, and career as an athletic director and mayor.

Towards the end of the podcast, Moran made a comment that would end up naming the podcast saying, ‘It’s owl or nothing,’ which could translate to give your all at Southern.

Following episode one, an opening theme for the podcast was introduced by Chris Lynn saying “Stand Up, Owl Nation”.

This added an engaging theme to the podcast and gave listeners something to get excited about.

Having great chemistry from working with one another for so long, Turiano and Lynn are easy to listen to and give you a brotherly vibe.

In the future, an interview on Scott Burrell could be a big draw with a possible discussion on his career at UConn, playing with Michael Jordan and being the only athlete ever drafted in the first round of the MLB and NBA.

Another possibility would be expanding past Southern,. Perhaps a few blasts from the past could make their appearance on ‘Owl or Nothing’.

wl or Nothing’. Some names that come to mind are Kevin Anderson, a former MLS star and current Columbia University Men’s Soccer coach, or Kevin Gilbridge, who won titles with the New York Giants as an offensive coordinator.

With a bright future, the ‘Owl or Nothing’ podcast may be a stepping stone for developments to come.

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