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Phantoms sing in new Netflix show

Sofia Rositani Arts & Entertainment Editor

“Julie and the Phantoms” is a show that came out on Netflix two weeks ago but is still trending on social media apps like TikTok.

I had no idea what this show was until I was scrolling through TikTok and saw it all over the ‘For You’ page. I had no intention of watching it at first until I saw that Kenny Ortega directed the show.

Ortega directed Disney Channel films that were mostly watched by those born in the 90s and early 2000s, like Hocus Pocus, High School Musical, Newsies, and Descendants. So it was no wonder that it was trending online by people born in the early 2000s rather than who it was originally made for: pre-teens. Ortega was also Michael Jackson’s choreographer and directed Jackson’s final film, “This is It.”

“Julie and the Phantoms” begins with a 90s rock band, Sunset Curve, who died from a bad hot dog right before they perform the “biggest gig of their life,” according to Luke, played by Charlie Gillespie, Luke is one of the main characters of the show who happens to be a ghost. There are five ghosts in the show, one of which is considered the villain, named Caleb Covington, played by Cheyenne Jackson.

Because Ortega directed the show, many familiar faces such as Jackson, who played Hades in “Descendants 3,” and Booboo Stewart who played Jay, Jafar’s son in the “Descendants” films, were in the show.

Due to the director being Ortega, there was music and choreography included in the show. The opening scene itself reminds me of a music video, with the song “Now or Never” sounding like 90s rock.

While the show is considered a pre-teen show, the buzz comes from college students, with the audience mostly being girls. The three ghosts in the show are quite handsome with Luke, Reggie (Jeremy Shada) and Alex, (Owen Joyner), being a dream team in ripped jeans that girls are going crazy over.

“Julie and the Phantoms” is a show that goes into heartfelt moments that can make a person cry. Such as the song “Unsaid Emily,” about Luke’s mother that he never got to sing to her before he died. The show can be funny, with Reggie being the comedic relief of the show. It is also very diverse, as Alex is gay and likes Stewart’s character, Willie. It is unknown what will happen next season with the romantic interests of the show. The show also features many characters of color, as the main character Julie is mixed and her aunt and dad being Hispanic.

On top of diversity being shown, it also shows straight male affection.

“That’s what makes Netflix’s “Julie and the Phantoms” stand out:. because it shows, without fanfare, an example of two straight men who are not only comfortable with showing affection to each other but openly embrace it,” according to an article from Den of Geek. “It also manages to take a scene that would normally be used as a joke at the expense of male affection and turns it completely on its head in a way that’s rarely been seen before.”

Netflix has yet to announce if there will be season two, but we do know that many people, especially on TikTok, will be disappointed if there is not one.

There are petitions online that people have signed to get a new season and a tour with the band.

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