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‘Owl or Nothing’ podcast DEBUTS

Mike Neville Sports Editor

A new semester brings on a variety of new challenges, beginnings and for Jay Turiano and Chris Lynn, new opportunities, courtesy of their new podcast ‘Owl-Or-Nothing’.

“The popularity of podcasts and the prevalence and challenge of competing with other athletic departments in a unique way was the main factor,” said Ken Sweeten, Associate Director of Athletics Communications.

Sweeten said the idea for a podcast has been in the works for over a year, and that research on the equipment and topics was an essential part.

“People use their phones a lot for information,” said Sweeten. With COVID-19, more people are staying indoors, so now really made a lot of sense.”

Chemistry between hosts Jay Turiano, assistant coordinator of athletic facilities and Chris Lynn, assistant director of athletics is not a problem since the two have known each other for so long.

“Jay and I go back years and years, we’ve known each other since I coached him in basketball, so the chemistry has always been there,” said Lynn.

When asked by Sweeten to be the hosts of the podcast, they could not turn down the offer.

“It wasn’t a hard decision in finding who would be the right fit for the podcast,” said Sweeten. “Knowing them for years and how well they work just made sense.”

The podcast opens every episode with the slogan, “Owl Nation stand up” spoken by Lynn, “Going into the podcast, me or Jay had no prior experience in this type of field,” said Lynn.

The podcasts feature athlete and alumni interviews that range from talks about their athletic careers at Southern, to pizza reviews.

Before the first episode, Sweeten said the name for the podcast was still up in the air, until a comment was made by Athletic Director Jay Moran in episode one.

“Towards the end of the podcast Moran said ‘it’s owl or nothing,’ so we decided that’s what we were going to go with,” said Sweeten.

With media being online nowadays, Sweeten said he believes the podcast will help promote athletics for years to come.

“It’s going to help promote the athletics here at Southern, put our school on the map,” said Sweeten. “The goal is to promote the product in a unique way.”

Sweeten made his podcast in episode four alongside Turiano to talk with football players Cameron Kelly and Mekhi Barnett. Sweeten said he looks forward to making more appearances on the podcast in the future.

‘Owl or Nothing’ has already made its way onto iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts, just to name a few notable media platforms for this type of sports media.

To get updates on the Owl or Nothing podcast, students and followers can find the page on Instagram @owl_or_nothing.

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