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Students are embracing the fall weather

Desteny Maragh Reporter

Tuesday, Sept. 22 commenced the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and students are excited for new fashion trends, pumpkin spice flavored drinks and the holiday season countdown.

Fall, also referred to as autumn, marks the transition from summer to winter, where the duration of daylight becomes noticeably shorter and the temperature cools considerably.

A student who is looking forward to getting dressed in the fall outfits is sociology major Hannah Gates, a freshman.

“Fall is my favorite time of year because it’s the only time I can wear a mix of summer and winter clothes combined. I love to wear skirts with stockings and dresses with sweaters,” said Gates.

She expressed her love for fashion and drive to match her outfits with the upcoming weather and season.

“I recently bought burgundy boots with the sole purpose to wear them in fall,” said Gates. “I have a whole section of my closet dedicated to earth tones like green, yellow, orange and burgundy.”

While Gates is welcoming fall fashion, other students are more interested in the food and drink selections that are only available limited time from restaurants during this time of year.

“I am excited to eat the pumpkin donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts with an iced apple cider. Best combination ever,” said biology major Allen Reed, a junior. “I wish they had it all year long.”

As for the Dunkin versus Starbucks fall drinks debate, Reed said Dunkin’s fall products are better even though he prefers Starbuck’s regular menu items.

Another student who is a fan of Dunkin’s fall promotional items is biology major, Susan Lee. She said, “I feel everything just tastes and smells better in the Fall.”

Lee said her favorite part about fall is the changing of the season.

“I love to see the leaves fall and change to an array of warm colors,” said Lee. “Dunkin’s pumpkin spice latte is the best thing ever made after toilet paper,” said Lee.

While discussing her favorite meals, she included that her favorite thing to eat in the fall is “anything pumpkin flavored and roasted apples.”

While some students are caught up in the fall’s primary and popular food choices, others are happy that they can countdown the days to the major upcoming holidays.

“I am most looking forward to visiting my family back in North Carolina for the holidays,” said computer science major Jared Henry, a senior. “I just bought my flight, so looking forward to going there to see them, it’s been a long time.”

Due to COVID-19, Henry’s contact with his family is put on strain but now fall brings happy memories and gives him hope that they will all be together again soon.

“The best part about fall for me has to be Thanksgiving, the food, the family and just all the comfort you feel while spending quality time with your loved ones,” said Henry.

Another student looking forward to family bonding time is communication disorders major Samantha Enders, a senior.

“Every year me and my family visit the local pumpkin patches and it’s honestly the highlight of my year,” said Enders.

“We normally all drive up there and spend hours walking the fields, going on hayrides, petting animals and taking photos,” said Enders. “Last year we got to take a few home and we carved them and used them as decoration for Halloween.”

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