SAGE Center RECOGNIZES Bisexual Awareness Day

Bernadotte Sufka Opinions & Features Editor

The end of September brings forth people who are bisexual. There is a celebration to promote Bisexual Awareness week which happens from Sept. 16 through Sept. 23. The Sexuality and Gender Equality center helps promote the annual celebration for all students on campus.

The event occurred at the SAGE Center, located on the third floor of the Student center, about on Bisexual Awareness Day. There, students deconstructed bi-phobic ideas by answering a trivia question and earning a candy bag. All are welcome, even if the student does not consider themselves bisexual.

“It’s definitely something important to bring awareness about on campus,” said SAGE Center Graduate Intern Aaron Morabito.

“I think bisexuality is often times forgotten or could be mixed within and outside the LGBTQ+ community,” said Morabito. “I think for some it can be a sensitive topic depending on what you’re discussing. But I don’t think in its nature it is something to censor when we talk about it. I think when discussing sexuality and sexual identity should be more open to discuss with others on such. Just even bringing awareness and breaking down the misconceptions surrounding it is important,” they said.

The university has programs such as SAGE to help promote groups like this on campus to earn equality and through supporting them as well. It is a diverse topic as many students have their own feelings on how they label themselves and create their knowledge extent.

“I would not consider this a sensitive topic at all,” said communications disorders major Echo Durrschmidt, sophomore.

“I do celebrate bi-awareness week through social media. The university has made me comfortable by making me feel welcomed and accepted and the LGBTQ+ community club and events.”

The university typically offers such events relating to this diverse group. This week promotes events where students can attend and learn what the SAGE Center has to offer. They advocate for many groups on campus including any within the LGBTQ+ spectrum of individuals.

“It is a sensitive topic for me as I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community,” said computer science major Emmett Riddick, sophomore.

“I do not celebrate Bisexual Awareness Week. I haven’t gone to any of the events that were around this week, but I did see a lot of posts on Instagram about events that happened and that they all went well.”

Everyone on campus has their preferences for how they label themselves and which communities they wish to affiliate with. Nonetheless, the university’s SAGE Center is here to provide support.

It is a growing topic and each promotion that is set forth on campus takes on a deeper meaning, relationship towards the topic and clearer understanding for the Bisexual Awareness week.

“This is definitely not something new to campus in general,” said Morabito. “It happens every year and we are trying to bring more light to it as a whole and in general and get more students talking about it.”

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