Safety polices on campus are keeping cases down

Sam TapperManaging Editor

Four weeks of this new-look semester are in the books, and despite the world around us, everything seems to be running in a best-case scenario. So far, that is.

Everything could change in an instant, as many of us learned last semester, but with only two positive test results for COVID-19 among residential students so far and only 15 commuter self-reported positives, all according to the universities COVID-19 Dashboard. Campus for the most part feels safe right now.

As a senior, I must say that all the new parameters installed for this semester to happen does not necessarily make me happy – I would do near anything to have a “normal” final year of college. With that being said, the lengths the university has gone, to ensure that students could return to campus and be safe while on-campus should not be overlooked. It should be, at the very least, appreciated.

Yes, some of it may seem asinine, such as the blue dots on the floors of classrooms or the one-way doors into buildings, but it also shows the effort that was and remains being put forth, by the university.

These efforts must be respected because look what can happen when these precautions are not taken as seriously.

The University of Alabama just had over 1,000 positive cases in just its first week of classes. The University of Connecticut and University of North Carolina, as well as many other colleges and universities, have had occurrences of outbreaks and Western Connecticut State University had to call it off, before the fall semester even started.

At this point, we must all accept that this is the new normal – what we knew as the college lifestyle before, is now a thing of the past.

Now, it is all about being able to just stay on-campus, and so far, we are in a safe position to do so.

We cannot be complacent with where things stand now. Again, things could go south practically in an instant.

As a campus community, rather than sit back and let our guard down because of our low number of cases.

It is time to continue to take pride in the fact that we are able to be on campus.

For as long as we do that, campus could possibly remain till Thanksgiving as safe from COVID-19.

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