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early closing times can be negative for students

Bernadotte Sufka Opinions & Features Editor

College has always been a place where students study endlessly throughout the day and night without any restrictions, however, this new semester is packed with more changes for students.

Apart from the COVID-19 regulations, the freedom of being able to do such tasks with others is now limited, as the dining services on campus close one hour earlier and have set stricter eating times throughout the day.

This goes for the library as well. Although it may only be a minor time difference, it can still impact a student’s eating habit and workflow.

Some may only have time to eat between a certain period and go to one of the on-campus dining halls.

This can be inconvenient as everyone has a busy schedule to attend to. Many students have said they do not study well in their dorm buildings or homes provided by the many distractions one could have there.

The environment could cause low motivation, roommate disruptions, loud neighbors and the list goes on. The library is the place where residents and commuters resort to get their assignments or studying completed.

Since most classes are online, the library is occupied with students on laptops and class zoom meetings. To have Buley close an hour earlier from 11 p.m to 10 p.m now, it can infringe on one’s studying habits.

It is not an efficient way to carry on about things concerning this.

Both places are known to be popular hangout areas and group project gatherings for students to meet up at and have private space. Already, with the limitation of commuters not being able to be signed into resident halls has also made study groups to narrow down.

Everyone is still adjusting to this new lifestyle on campus whether online or in person. The library is a place where people go to search for a quiet space and feel motivated to get work done. An hour difference can be a lot for most students who rely heavily on the library itself for such school related purposes.

Having a meal at the right time ties within this as well. Eating before a study session is very important to keep one’s mind engaged on their tasks. Mental health also must be set as a stronger awareness since everyone is still coping with these new changes.

Students should not be limited to eating times because everyone’s schedule and eating habits are very different. People may feel hungry at 10:00 p.m for example and will want to go to the dining hall at that time. Not everyone has access to a kitchen on campus and therefore cannot cook something.

Whether it be midterms, finals or even a test, students have always resorted to going to the library to prepare.

A smaller time frame cannot be allowed. One hour early for closing these buildings makes a huge impact on a student’s lifestyle on campus, commuter or not.

Ever since the time changes were displayed, it left a huge time gap among students. It’s not a good change made so far. Procrastination can happen to anyone and eating at a specific time or studying at a certain place should not take place.

A full day of operating each facility just as it was prior to semesters needs to be brought back on campus.

There are already a lot of new restrictions on campus due to COVID-19, Adjusting process is still going on and must be followed. But that should not comply to a student’s daily choices on eating or studying times.

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