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delgado-mcintyre brings leadership

Edward Rudman Sports Writer

On the field, cornerback Kwadir Delgado-Mcintyre is a leader, a role he says he has lived up to.

Delgado-Mcintyre said as a child, his first love was baseball, but as he got older he could not resist football’s calling.

“When I moved in from Kentucky, I was only playing baseball at the time,” said Delgado-Mcintyre. “I moved to Connecticut and my dad signed me up for football and that’s how it all got started.”

He started playing football at about the age of eight and has progressed to becoming a major piece of the football program.

Now a senior, Delgado-Mcintyre has suited up and played 27 times, recording a career total of 47 tackles and three interceptions, according to the SCSU Athletics website.

Delgado-Mcintyre grew up in Hamden, Conn. He said this makes him proud to play for a local university that he feels he has a strong connection with.

“I love playing here because I’m close to everyone I know and I know everybody can come see the games if they want, and it keeps everyone in tune since I’m so close to home,” said Delgado-Mcintyre.

When it comes to what it means to have someone like Delgado-Mcintyre be a part of the program, Head Coach Tom Godek spoke highly of him.

“As a coach and as a man, I have grown by this guy coming into our program,” said Godek. “Eight semesters and he’s made Dean’s List five times, Bachelor’s in marketing, has his degree, and is now attending graduate school and taking a heavier course load. He works two jobs too, it’s pretty impressive.”

Not only is Delgado-Mcintyre the definition of a student-athlete, but he has also cemented his presence of being a part of the campus community by having an on-campus job during the week.

He works in the Wintergreen building and can be seen interacting with other students regularly, according to Godek, who feels the role brings more to the university than people may realize.

Delgado-Mcintyre caught Godek’s attention as a recruit after Southern alumnus and former football player Tom Dyer told Godek about him. Godek said he could immediately tell that it was a player he wanted to recruit for his program.

“One thing he has is common sense. That’s something that I think we’re searching for a little bit out there in society today. For a young man to have that and to know that it’s more than just himself involved and that people are relying on him, it’s just so impressive,” said Godek.

As Delgado-Mcintyre prepares for his life after he graduates from Southern and his football career, he reflected on his time at the university so far and how he would like to be remembered.

“I want to be remembered as someone who could do it all, you know what I’m saying, not just for stuff on the field,” said Delgado-Mcintyre. “In terms of how I work outside of football with two jobs and my love for my family. I just want to be remembered as someone who made it an emphasis to work harder than everybody and someone who worked for what they have, nothing was given.”

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