Fear arise over second shutdown

Donovan WilsonReporter

While some college reopening have been off to a rocky start but Southern has the resources to pull through and make it until Thanksgiving break without another shutdown. 

A handful of massive parties have caused the University of North Carolina  to already have major cut backs on campus resources such as housing. 

According to Indy Week, after conducting student COVID-19 testing, 31.3 percent of them tested tested positive for the virus. 

Now, while Connecticut colleges will have some college parties, we are in a much better position to handle them. 

For example, University of Connecticut students threw a party, and rather than the entire school being reprimanded, it decided to just kick those specific students off campus, according to People Magazine.

Connecticut can make less drastic decisions due to our handling of the virus early on and the procedures we currently have in place to keep the spread of the virus low. 

There is a bit of leeway for us to try dwindling the issues rather than pulling the plug at once in a panic. 

Southern has not yet had to go to the measures that UConn had to take, but it is safe to assume that they will as the semester progresses.

Lots of precautions can already be seen such as having designated quarantine areas and wipes in all the hallways for cleaning workstations at the beginning of each new class. 

I highly believe in UConn’s actions and its ability to stop colleges from causing a massive spread of COVID-19.  

Threatening students with removal from campus or expulsion singles them out a lot more and is more of a threat than continuing with business as usual. 

Southern’s student body and the administration for that matter does have a long-standing history of standing up for social justice and standing for prominent topics in the general wellbeing of humans.

Over the summer, there was an alumni event in support of healthcare workers which really exemplifies the campus’ belief in human interest and protecting our loved ones. 

I do see one thing that could slam the brakes on everything: New Haven being a college city. 

The fact of the matter is that Southern is not the only university in this town, and if the other schools are not as compliant as we will be, then the virus will begin to spread quickly around the adjacent schools.  

This semester will be a long, bumpy road full of potholes, but I feel confident that we will reach the end of this road without a flat tire. 

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