a step-by-step return for sports

Mike NevilleSports Editor

It seems as if right off the bat 2020 was destined to be a doomed year. The passing of Kobe Bryant on Jan. 26 set the tone for what was to come.

Just a few short months later the arrival of COVID-19 not only changed the day-to-day lives of Americans, but the world of sports including right here at Southern.

When the NE10 postponed the fall and winter sports seasons, shock and disappointment came to mind first; followed by that was anger and confusion.

Although the state of Connecticut has done an excellent job at maintaining COVID-19, Southern must continue to do its part in stopping the spread of the virus.

If Southern is to have the chance for its athletics to start back up as soon as possible, the school must take the appropriate measures so that the virus does not spread.

With sports not scheduled to start practicing until mid to end of September there are many variables that must come into play for it to happen.

First and foremost, the athletes must have face coverings and follow social distancing regulations put in place by the state of Connecticut.

The biggest concern right now for sports at Southern is football, considering it is very high contact based.

If the season is intended to start on time, then precautions should be put into place that will limit the level of contact between student athletes.

In terms of social distancing, Southern has been one of the better schools in keeping the virus contained so far.

UConn for instance, has had a spike in cases that has now exceeded well over 50 cases according to a report by NBC.

To maintain the virus, weekly COVID-19 testings are an option that could ease people’s concerns.

When athletics start up again limiting the number of athletes on the field and in the weight room can prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Scheduled times for athletes to use certain facilities may also be put in play so the flow of individuals is not a high amount.

This is when things have the potential to become difficult.

The state of Connecticut has mandated a 25-person limit for inside events and a 100-person max for outside events.

With these new mandates into place, Southern would be able to participate in athletic practices If all goes to plan, athletics will be able to return to Southern in the very near future.

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