Student behavior will be catalyst for semester

Jessica Guerrucci Editor-in-Chief

The first day of school is usually filled with excitement and firsts. But it felt and looked quite different last week when students returned to campus. 

 Some will not even have to step foot on campus this semester as COVID-19 moves all their classes online. Only now, since the school shut down in March, this will not be a feeling of complete chaos and fear, because now students expect it.  

Masks have become a norm in the world and seeing them on campus is not any different. We can only hope that everyone respects the rules regarding wearing them indoors and outdoors, but unfortunately it would be unrealistic to believe everything will operate perfectly and according to plan.  

In an email, President Joe Bertolino stated, “Simply put, all of us have invested too much in the success of this new semester to see it thrown away by the actions of an uncaring and selfish few.” That is really what it comes down to. 

This semester is different than the last spent online because it has been planned out for several months, but there is always going to be those “few,” and no one can say how detrimental it will be if too many people do not follow the rules.

Generally, from what I have seen the first week back at campus, students are willing to comply and follow mask rules without issue.

There are also issues because students are wearing masks incorrectly at times. But, at least they are trying. 

Ultimately, for students, faculty and staff, everyone just has to believe that campus will be able to operate in the most “new” normal way it can and that “doing your part,” no matter how insignificant it may seem, actually matters a lot. 

Social distancing, masks and online classes are not, and never will be the dream college experience, but for now it will have to do if we ever want to get back to what it used to be.  

Even if it means goodbyes to parties, wild sports games and a campus filled with students, know that everyone needs to be patient and respectful as we navigate this semester.

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