Online service helps students with resumes

J’Mari Hughes Copy Editor

Whether applying for a job or fulfilling a professor’s assignment, students often need a resume to list their skills and accomplishments, and in case they do not know how to make one, the Office of Career and Professional Development is there to help.  

“Bring a draft of your resume to the office for a 15 to 20 minute in-person critique from a member of our team or a volunteer employer,” said Associate Director of the Office of Career and Professional Development, Aimee O’Shea. “We planned to host multiple experiences for our students on campus this semester and our goal is to do everything we can to provide these helpful experiences virtually.”  

On Wednesday April 15, the Office of Career and Professional Development hosted “Resumania,” an online event where students could upload a resume and receive virtual feedback from a Career Coach on the same day, according to the Southern Announcements email. O’Shea said the event has been at Southern since the early 2000s. 

Graduate intern Emily Velidow said students who send in their resume to be reviewed usually have application due dates approaching or just need guidance on how to format their document. 

“For us, we get the opportunity to see more students in a smaller time frame,” she said. “We love being able to reach as many students as we can because there are still plenty of students who are unaware of our services.” 

Velidow said a Career Coach is what they refer to the Career and Professional Development staff as. The full-time staff has experience and training to provide students and alumni with guidance and resources, she said. The office also has Career Peers, or undergraduate student workers who, after receiving training and working in fairs, workshops and on social media accounts, provide support in reviewing student resumes.  

The event has previously been held in Engleman, Schwartz, Wintergreen and Buley. The resumes, Velidow said, are always reviewed online through the JOBs system. Whereas feedback usually takes up to a week to be disclosed to students, this semester everyone in the office worked together to deliver reviews within the same day. 

“The goal of the university is to create an inclusive and engaging atmosphere for students, even when working virtually from home,” Associate Director of the Office of Involvement and Leadership Development, Eric Lacharity said about hosting events online.  “Not being on campus takes away our ability to bring students together in a physical sense, but if we can create opportunities for students to experience at least some of the events they are accustomed to, then that will hopefully create a sense of camaraderie community in this new normal.” 

Velidow said because resumes are tough and a good first impression students try to make, getting guidance and support will help them feel more confident in what they have created.  

“Sitting down to create a resume, and putting all your experience into words on paper can be very intimidating,” she said. “Our office should be your first stop when you’ve created your resume, but make sure you work with your professors and advisers in your major as well. They have insight in your field that we may not have.” 

Velidow also said the guidance helps students to feel confident in the experience they have. Making an appointment with them, she said, is beneficial, and overall, the event went well. 

“We got some great submissions,” Velidow said, “and everyone on our team worked together to get them reviewed efficiently.”

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