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Kline’s experience on the runway and at school

Troya Coote – Contributor

Briauna Kline said when she is not walking on the runway, she is finding local photographers to build her portfolio. Every photoshoot she said she learns something different.

She is a New York model, a psychology major and president of F.A.C.E Models, an organization that helps people further their modeling careers.

Kline is studying psychology because she said she believes the mind is intriguing and she is eager to know how the mind works, also why people do the things they do.

Kline was in New York fashion Week and she said it was a great and fun experience. For the New York Fashion Week, she said people have to walk for different designers to determine if they fit what they are looking for.

“I don’t feel discouraged when they don’t pick you, everyone is looking for a look” Kline said.

As president of F.A.C.E. Models, Kline said the hardest part of being president is everything falls on her. She comes up with the majority of the choreography, but she said she does not mind taking the lead.

“Every chance that I get I’m practicing or trying to come up with routines,” said Kline, “whether it’s in my head while I’m driving or walking to classes.”

Her advice to anyone who is interested in modeling, she said, is to get used to being in front of the camera but behind the camera as well.

She said last semester was the most difficult because she was trying to figure out exactly what she wanted to do in life.

Kline, a 22-year-old senior, majors in psychology and minors in Spanish – and while she struts through the halls — she said she wanted to be realistic and ask herself ‘what-if modeling doesn’t go through?’

Now she found a way to juggle and have her mental health which she said is well needed. She has days, where she does not have classes until four so those are her “me time” hours.

“Don’t let anything stress you out and try to find a balance,” said Kline, “also a social life so you don’t lose it and everything will fall in place.”

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