‘The Hate U Give’ talks about modern-day issues

Sofia RositaniReporter

February, Chase’s Hall Council put on different movies to mark Black History Month, including “Get Out,” a horror film; “Selma,” a historical drama; and the final film to end the month was “The Hate U Give,” a drama.

“The Hate U Give” is a film about Starr Carter, who lives two lives, one in a poor neighborhood where the majority of the population are people of color and the other in a wealthy prep school of primarily white students. She witnessed police brutality happen to her friend, who was shot and killed by an officer. This film shows the pressure Carter goes through with backlash from both communities in the aftermath of her friend’s murder.

“We picked that last because it’s a more modern-day issue and it still goes back to black history and struggles that people of color still endure,” said Kellyann McPhoy, public relations of the Chase Hall council.

McPhoy also said the movie is very powerful, and that it is a problem that is still happening today. This film has elements in it for anyone no matter race, gender, and sexuality and also raises awareness.

“I think that this film brings awareness to police brutality that is sometimes kept in the dark and it shows how people truly feel when they’re targeted by police, by somebody who is supposed to protect you, but you are being targeted by that person,” McPhoy said.

Health studies major, Danielle Alves, a freshman said, “I think it can inspire them to stand up for what they believe in, stand up against things that are wrong.”

Though Alves has never seen the film, she said she thinks it can help show that this happens in the world, and that it can happen to anyone, no matter their age.

“This new Hall Council had decided to put on a series of events in celebration of Black History Month to not only educate our community more on different topics,” said senior resident adviser of Chase Hall, Jamil Harp, “but also to embrace the culture and kind of build community throughout the dorms.”

“Having those conversations around social justice issues [and] also educating and uplifting the community, especially for our residents of color which is something really cool that they have done,” he said.

Education major Unique Parks, a freshman, said the movie gives an insight of what can happen to someone and that it raises awareness, especially for those who may not know that this is happening. Parks also said that this film can inspire others.

“I think,” she said, “that it shows no matter how old you are, what race you are, anything, we all have a voice, and every voice matters.”


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