Mild winter weather leads to no snow or school cancellations

Alexandra ScicchitanoOpinions & Features Editor

Another day, more confused weather. Each day the weather seems to get more and more inconsistent. Last week it was sunny, warm, basically spring. But now this week, it is cold and bitter.

The winter has been noticably mild. Barely any snow of any kind has touched our Nor’Eastern lawns, schools and building. It is almost eerie the lack of snow we’ve had this winter. All the salt and new shovels bought seem to be for naught. They’ve had minimal use this winter.

It makes me kind of sad. I was looking forward to missing school during snow days snuggling in bed under the covers instead of going to class. We have had two big snowstorms since I have been in New Haven for school and I was looking forward to more of them.

While I know it is a waste of money to miss class, how can one not take the opportunity and get a break for a day or so? I am also a senior in my last semester. I wanted to miss out on a few classes and try to get through to graduation smoothly. It looks like that will not happen, but a girl can dream.

As someone who has lived in Connecticut my whole life, it has been quite a while since we have had such a mild and slow winter. All we have had for the past three months is rain. Constant rain, all the time. I would prefer snow over it, simply because then you will not get drenched. It just feels so much better to be walking in snow rather than rain.

Although I know a lot of people will disagree, I feel cheated out of my winter. Where are the snow piles a tall as me? Or the early morning alerts of classes being canceled? How about the constant fear of tripping and getting hurt? It’s all a part of the Nor’Eastern winter, we’re missing out on it.

Photo Credit: Tamonda Griffiths


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