Students, spaces, construction and experiences

Jessica GuerrucciManaging Editor

It is a reasonable outlook to always look forward – and every time I see construction trucks tearing into the ground on campus or caution tape strung around, I wonder what is to come– but I also wonder about the old, too.

No doubt, the upcoming groundbreaking of the Health and Human Services Building will be exciting and an excellent opportunity for the university to expand and increase enrollment within that school as it continues to grow.

However, in 2021, when all the health and human services departments move into that building, campus is going to be left with a lot of empty space as students and faculty call the new building their home.

Naturally, of course, departments that already do not have enough space will flow into these vacant areas and no classroom will be left unfilled, but the issue is also the space itself they will be moving into. The new classrooms will be miles ahead with technology and the buildings will be a luxury compared to the others.

Students who do not have class in those buildings are getting a completely different experience.

I am certain Southern puts forth its best effort with the resources it has to make campus the best place it can be and there will always be limitations when it comes to space in terms of what is usable or not.

In the end, there is a master plan for all of this, but every time I catch a glimpse of the old student center standing vacant in what seems to be disrepair or the dark halls of Jennings and Morrill, I wonder what is to come next.

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