Survey addresses students drug and alcohol use

Tamonda GriffithsEditor-in-Chief

Recently, one of my classes was randomly selected to participate in a survey about alcohol and drug abuse on Southern’s campus, and while I cannot speak for the rest if the campus it is troubling to me some of the potential drugs of choice listed as well as frequency in which my classmates may be engaging in those “extracurriculars.”

While I would not call Southern a party school; it would be ignorant of me to assume that students at the university do not indulge in different vices. Just walking across campus, you can see several students breaking the clearly labeled no smoking or smoke-free campus policy as they take a hearty puff of their vaping devices. If you listen without listening, you can learn of students’ various alcohol-fueled weekend shenanigans. I imagine for many students, this is their way of having “the college experience,” but clearly, they’re not doing it as safely.

This week the Police Department advertised to the campus the observance of an Amnesty Policy, if students happened to be underaged drinking and did not want to suffer consequences as a result of one of their friends going overboard. The department also offered repositioning training to teach students how to deal with an intoxicated individual before the Amnesty Policy necessarily needs to be implemented.

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