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Concerns over coronavirus, hygiene and community on campus

Joseph VincenziReporter

With the coronavirus exploding in China and spreading to other countries, many students at Southern are concerned as to whether or not it will reach the university. It is uncertain if the virus will reach New England, but it is all the more likely if students do not take necessary precautions and practice basic sanitation at Southern.

The recent outbreak has created much panic and confusion in China and around the world. There are currently over 64,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and over 1,300 deaths globally, as reported by CNN. The virus has spread from China to Europe, Eastern Asia and the United States.

Symptoms of the virus are similar to those of the flu, including coughing, a fever and shortness of breath. Keeping this in mind, the virus may be somewhat contained if people use the same precautionary methods as they would if dealing with the flu: washing their hands and cleaning up after themselves.

Students at Southern seem to struggle following these basic procedures. Every day I witness incredibly unsanitary student behavior around campus. I see students neglect washing their hands after using the bathroom., flushing the toilet, sneezing and coughing, and students blowing their nose. I see these same students neglect all these important things and then go around campus and touch the same things that thousands of other students will touch.

I do not understand why people choose to avoid keeping clean in a time when such a dangerous disease catches the unexpecting person and flu season is currently at its peak.

When students leave a toilet unflushed or forget to wash their hands, they multiply the likelihood that dangerous bacteria transfers to other students.

Public restrooms are breeding grounds for bacteria. All it takes is for one person to rush out of the bathroom, and suddenly a multitude of people are sick. Sickness spreads quicker than people think.

The coronavirus outbreak should be a wakeup call for everybody to partake in clean behavior if they are to remain healthy – coronavirus or not., basic hygine in general is an essential that is being ignored by people.

We must be responsible students and community members and demonstrate the utmost level of sanitary procedures if there is any hope to avoid contracting the coronavirus.

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