‘Chocolate Factory’ featured at Conn Hall

Joseph VincenziReporter

As students entered the cafeteria for a bite to eat, they were greeted with a table lined with treats: a tray of chocolate covered pretzels, a snack mix of pretzels, chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers in a cup and a warm pot of fresh chocolate.

These treats were only a handful of goodies available for students at Chartwells’s “Chocolate Factory” at Connecticut Hall on Wednesday.

The occasion was part of a series of “food festivals” sponsored by Chartwells to introduce students to all new types of cuisine.

Alexandra Morgan Macauda, the event organizer and Chartwells’s marketing manager, said it was the company’s decision to host a chocolate-themed food festival.

“Every month, Chartwells holds a food festival, and this month is the chocolate factory,” said Macauda.

She said the event is timed with the arrival of Valentine’s Day.

Among chocolate covered pretzels, Macauda detailed the other featured foods. The cups of pretzels, marshmallows, chocolate and crackers were called “s’ mores cups,” following the build of the popular campfire treat. There were cupcakes, chocolate-dipped candies, and even a large pot of melted chocolate for students to dip marshmallows.

Macauda said this event was one of Chartwells’s “legacy events” designed to introduce new cuisine to students, which the company chooses every semester. The events usually have a specific cultural theme and feature a larger menu for students so they can try more food.

“These events are designed with many different cultures and types of food in mind,” said Macauda. “We want to try to expose students to many different cultures and show what kind of things people eat.”

Macauda said this is first time that Chartwells has hosted a chocolate factory as one of their food festivals themes. She said the company had considered doing the event last year, but that it never came to fruition.

The students in the cafeteria showed their appreciation for the new event as they enjoyed the spread of desserts available. For some, the biggest selling point of the event was purely the novelty.

“It was great,” said early childhood education major Selena Pacheco, a freshman. “It was something new. They should keep doing this.”

Another student, psychology major Spencer Tesch, a sophomore, expressed similar feelings about the introduction of the event.

“It’s something different from the norm,” said Tesch. “[It was] nice to see something like [the chocolate factory].”

He said he “would be sad” if Chartwells decided to discontinue the chocolate factory.

Communications disorders major Olivia Courtemanche, a freshman, suggested that the next event should have an even greater spread of food for students to taste.

“I think it’s pretty fun,” said Courtemanche. “I think they should get new foods and drink for everyone to try.”

With positive reactions from the students, Macauda said the students are usually satisfied with each of the Chartwells food festivals.

“I always have a good response from the community,” said Macauda.

Eager to host another food festival, she promised that Chartwells, “will always do something.

Photo Credit: Jackson Lamar

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