Disney Daydream evokes nostalgia and happiness

Sofia RositaniReporter

Students were given a taste of “the happiest place on earth” on campus, as they chose from carnival food and an array of crafts that imitated what it is like to be at Disneyland.

The event offered students an escape from school for an hour or two. Disney Daydream was held by Programs Council on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

The event had carnival food that would be sold at Disneyland like chicken tenders and churros. It also offered activities such as painting rocks, Aladdin sand crafts and making Disney princess jewelry.

The different parks at Disney also played a role in the event with the tables being different themes such as Fantasyland, Frontierland, Adventureland and Tomorrowland.

Jenna Dearborne, a daytime programmer, said she chose the event because she is obsessed with Disney and thought it would be a success.

“I get to pick the events I want to do, and my family goes every two years,” said Dearborne. “We did some polls to Instagram to see what kind of events students like so that was like a win, we had a Disney event in the past and it was a big hit so we figured we would try it again.”

DearBorne said Disney Daydream offered many students the chance to be a child again, without the hassle of going to Disney.

Many students grew up watching Disney Channel, such as psychology major Jacob Adorno, a freshman, who said he often watches it still with his brother and it makes him feel like a kid again.

“Growing up with a brother with autism I felt the need to grow up a lot quicker and take up a big brother role despite being younger than him,” said Adorno, “but whenever we watch Disney movies like Lion King, even Pixar films like Toy Story he loves them so much that he copies the dialogue and he’s able to say full phrases, and act out full scenes just on his own so I love Disney to death because of it.”

Despite growing up and watching Disney when students were younger, the theme is still present on campus and has inspired decor in dorms.

For example, Schwartz Hall has a Disney themes on one of their floors and Hickerson Hall did “High School Musical” as their theme for Homecoming.

The themes the tables were based on are all different parks at Disney. Frontierland is cowboys and pioneers while Tomorrowland is based on the future and space.

Ariana Taylor, daytime programmer for Programs Council gave some insight into how they put on events like Disney Dreamland.

According to Taylor, Disney Dreamland was an idea before the semester began since there is a process that the Programs Council has to go through for the events to actually occur.

“We actually figure out all of the ideas for events like the names, about the dates and locations before the semester begins,” said Taylor, “because by the time the semester starts it’s too late to figure all that stuff out.

Photo Credit: Sofia Rositani

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