Week of Welcome

Column by Tamonda Griffiths – Editor-in-Chief

Over the break, students tend to regroup and recuperate from the previous semester.

Other students continue to work over the break whether through a seasonal and/or part-time job off-campus or through classes offered at the university over the winter session.

For me, coming back to school was both a welcoming and dreaded experience, as I was happy to not have to be home in a state of perpetual boredom, but also never pass up the opportunity to sleep in well past noon.

One thing I greatly appreciated every first week of school is the Office of Student Involvement’s bi-annual Week of Welcome.

While the week helps reacquaint students with the various services and opportunities offered on the campus to students outside of their areas of study, what really draws crowds is the copious amounts of free food.

Take note clubs: offer free food and students will come.

I’m not sure if this is part of the school’s effort to solve the issue of food insecurity which is prevalent amongst the Southern community, but I know many students who plan their day from free meal to free meal not only because of the affordability but the convenience of knowing regardless if they did not eat breakfast that morning, pack a lunch for the day or find themselves on campus well pass their regularly prescribed dinnertime, they can find a free meal in the Adanti Student Center.

These are the opinions of the The Southern News Editoral Staff

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