Pumpkin spice over hyped or nice for the season

Ellie SherryReporter

Pumpkin spice has been an ongoing trend since its creation in 2003, according to Forbes, a global media organization. Since the origination of the pumpkin spice latte, there has been a large influx of pumpkin spice flavored and scented items, but how much is too much? Has pumpkin spice become a thing of the past, or is it still a classic seasonal drink?

“People come in everyday wanting pumpkin spice drinks,” said social work major Amber Drobnak, a junior and barista at Dunkin’ Donuts. “As soon as it gets close to the season, people start to ask if we have it. It seems to be very popular seeing that a majority of customers who come tend to get Pumpkin Spice.”

Starbucks stated it had sold over 200 million pumpkin spice lattes by Aug. 2018, gaining $1.8 billion in sales between 2003 and 2018, according to Forbes.

However, in 2015 the number of sales fell by 5.2% from the previous 12 years of the pumpkin spice existence, despite Starbucks still increasing profits made.

The latte went up in price, so while the numbers dropped, they still made more money than the previous year, according to a 2015 CNBC article.

As a barista, one may get tired of making the same drinks over and over again, however, on a busy day, it might be easier for them to make and give the drinks out to people in a timely manner if so many people want the same drink.

Drobnak said, “I don’t get tired of making the same drinks since it makes my life a little easier.”

Even though it may not be her favorite seasonal drink, she said she thinks the drink signifies a changing season bringing the fall weather.

“I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin spice, but I love the fall season and all the other flavors it brings with it, like butter pecan,” said Drobnak.

As for the students of Southern, some think that the seasonal pumpkin spice trend is overdone and they are not that into it anymore.

“I do not really like pumpkin, so I am not a fan of pumpkin spice, but I do see it everywhere,” said history major, Nicole Healy, a senior. “I think it is blown out of proportion; everything is pumpkin spice.”

Each year it seems there are more pumpkin spice items for consumers to choose from. These items range from cereals to alcohol to bagels – there seems to be a variation of pumpkin spice for everything.

Some get excited and look forward to the season, including sport management major Stephen Iovanna, a junior.

“It reminds me that fall is coming, and it makes me excited for the upcoming season,” he said, “even if I am not the biggest fan of the drinks and other pumpkin spice things.”

Photo credit: Izzy Manzo

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