Habitat for Humanity hosts trivia event

Nina BartlomiejczykCopy Editor 

Prizes and snacks covered the tables in Adanti Student Center Room 305 on Tuesday, as students gathered together with the SCSU branch of the Habitat for Humanity group for an afternoon of trivia and fun.

Upon entering the room, the Smartboard screen in this meeting room was alight with the familiar red, blue, yellow and green squares in the “Kahoot!” starting screen, along with the Habitat for Humanity logo.

Students were greeted by members of the Habitat for Humanity group and ushered into seats when they entered, in which they and were encouraged to use their cell phones to participate in the “Kahoot!” trivia game the group had prepared. The questions, both ‘true or false’ and multiple choice, all related to information about the group and their mission, ranging from questions such as, “What colors are the Habitat for Humanity logo?” to, “Which United States president first became involved with Habitat for Humanity?” The participating students found themselves learning about what Habitat for Humanity does and how they do how they help, and as well as how to get involved should they have an interest in the group– and many did.

Freshman David Coleman, a social work major and attendee of the event said, “It’s a welcoming environment; I like it. I like to learn. I would like to join the club because I feel like it is really helping people, and I like to help people.”

According to the Habitat For Humanity website, the international group Habitat for Humanity, founded in 1976, and is known for their non-profit efforts in which they have completed the construction of 350,000 homes using donated materials in total as an organization.

According to the OwlConnect website about the Habitat for Humanity, the on-campus group mirrors these achievements by helping people both in the surrounding New Haven/Hamden area as well as on their annual spring break trips to other communities in the country.

Senior Stephanie Richard, a biology major and the secretary of Habitat for Humanity at SCSU, said their most recent trip was to North Carolina over last spring break.

“We went, on spring break, we went to North Carolina, and we worked on the build site for a week, which is really cool. We built a whole roof in five days,” she said.

Richard said that Habitat for Humanity allows students a chance to make friends, learn, travel, and help others through their work, and does this with no cost out of pocket to the volunteers. The organization relies mainly on donated materials as well as fundraising events to support the group’s travel expenses.

“A big part of the fall semester is actually fundraising because when we go on the trip out of state it takes a lot of funds, so that’s what we spend a lot of our time doing- we prepare for it. We also, well a big part of the fundraising are the Yale Bowls that we go and volunteer at, we work at a snack stand and they’re like our big events for the fall,” said Richard.

Richard also said that, in the future, because of the positive reception of the trivia event as well as the game night Habitat for Humanity hosted last semester, the group hopes to “start a lot of new traditions with [Habitat for Humanity at Southern]” with the goals of awareness and fundraising.

Though the group plans to raise funds and increase their numbers, their main goal is to help others selflessly and, according to their OwlConnect page, they believe that, “The best part is when you can meet a homeowner and get to see a smile on their face.”


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