LARPing club destresses

Jacob WaringReporter

In room 301 in the student center, The LARPing Club engaged in a war like no other – role- playing as hoboes. In this live-action-role-playing war alliances were made, beef was established and joyous laughter was shared by everyone who participated.

“We just kind of got into character as something completely ridiculous to destress before finals,” said Emma ‘Justine’ Conley, a junior and psychology major.

Club members were able to choose their hobo characters from a list of detailed bios and descriptions, but everyone decided to go with their own hobo characters rather than from the prepared list.

Conley said this was a parlor LARP, which is like improv acting, and it is a major factor in what they do in the club.

“Outside of role-play there is physical combat, crafting, we also do plot creation in which we write stories for our characters to enact,” she said.

The hobo Conley had been in the LARP was a prostitute. She said that it was a character in which she had a very silly accent, Brooklyn styled. Her character name was Dolly, and her faction was named the “Ho-bos”. In the LARP she prostituted amongst her other hobos. Conley said she gets companionship, friendship and an outlet for creative expression out of LARPing.

“In the course of a serious LARP, we would also do sewing, costume make-up, writing all the backstories for characters; it’s pretty in-depth,” Conley said.

Lourdes Rivera, a sophomore and art history major, explained the yarn throwing activity that the club did. Participants pass a ball of yarn to create connections with each other’s characters or create “beef,” with details to why they are feuding and teaming with that particular faction. She said that the club is a great place to tend to cultivate lasting friendships.

“What’s interesting about LARPing Club is that anyone who’s part of the LARPing Club, generally become like friends” said Rivera. “You generally have good chemistry because we all have the same interests.”

Jocelyn Marston, a senior and biology major, said the club is fun because you do not have to stress and worry about your own issues.


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