Seaforth showcases skills in blowout win over Caldwell

Hunter Lyle – Sports Writer

In their second appearance in Moore Field House this season, the men’s basketball team was able to topple Caldwell University 81-69.

After a tough 67-62 loss to the University of the Sciences last Sunday, freshman guard Michael Mozzicato said the whole team knew they needed a win.

“Just knowing that we were 1-4, we knew we had to get a win,” said Mozzicato. “Everyone had to step up and get a big win.”

The game started off quickly for the Owls, with sophomore guard Ulyen Coleman scoring immediately from the tip off. From there, Southern took off on both sides of the ball. Between shooting 51.7 percent and forcing nine turnovers in the first half, the Owls were able to claim a 21-15 lead with just over nine minutes left in the opening half.

Two first year players for Southern-Mozzicato, and Iona College transfer C.J. Seaforth- also stepped up big at the start of the game, especially from beyond the ark. Mozzicato shot a perfect 3-3 from three, while Seaforth contributed 12 points from distance, shooting off 4-6. Head coach Scott Burrell said that he had faith in the new players and said they are helping carry the injured team in recent games.

“They are going to get opportunities with all our injured players,” said Burrell. “They’re going to get opportunities to just grow. Every day in practice, get better. Every day in games, get better. You’re going to have setbacks, but just overcome them. Don’t worry about it, learn from your mistakes. Just get better every day and every game. That’s all I want from them and they do.”

The team shot 56.3 percent from deep, and managed to gain a 41-32 lead at the half.

At the start of the half, the Owls picked up where they left off. The shots continued to fall, with senior forward Luke Beesley granting multiple second chance points by battling under the glass and sophomore guard Ulyen Coleman finding his shot and adding three more triples to the lead.

On the other hand, Caldwell struggled to keep up. Continuing from the first half, the Cougars turned over the ball and could not connect on multiple trips to the free throw line, which forced them to a 17-point deficit with nine minutes to go.

As the game carried on and the time wound down, the Cougars ran into foul trouble, leaving the game all but finished. A score of 81-69 gave Southern their first home win and improved their record to 2-4.

Burrell said the key to the victory was a mix of the Owl’s potent offense and the tenacious rebounding.

“I think we ran good offense. We ran a good offense and took good shots and we made shots,” said Burrell. “We rebounded the ball a little bit better in the second half, that was the big key for us. I think those are keys to the game and the second half was a big second half for us.”

Four Owls ended in double digits. Beesley finished with 18 points and six rebounds, Seaforth had 18 points and six assists, Coleman dropped 14 points, and Mozzicato finished with 13 points.

“[Getting a win] was definitely great. It was great, but we’re trying to move on,” said Seaforth. “On Wednesday, we have a rival game, and we’re just trying to get focused for that one.”

Photo Credit: Palmer Piana


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