Mighty Hucks Dominate UNH Tournament

Matt GadContributor

The Mighty Hucks, the campus’ ultimate frisbee club, pushed through competition at this past weekend’s tournament at the University of New Haven, winning four pool matches and then defeating their cross-city rival’s frisbee club for the title.

Kevin Landrigan, a sophomore business major, said they swept the play-in games before getting the No. 1 seed to beat Charger Ultimate.

“We played everyone once and beat them all,” he said. “All the teams there were pretty competitive. There were a few close games; they’re all competitive games and beatable teams but there were no cupcake games.”

This was the team’s second tournament of the fall, closing out competition. The spring is their more competitive season.

Junior history education major Chad Neri said “everyone on the team did pretty well” at the tournament, which included local schools like host New Haven and Central Connecticut State.

“We’re a good team and everyone worked together,” he said. “There’s usually three people who are handlers and they’re working the disc up the field. You can’t run when you have the disk but you work down the field to the endzone.”

Neri said there aren’t really set plays but the game is timed. He reiterated that the entire team played well but they are hoping to get more people out in the spring.

“During the fall you get people to come out here and have fun but during the spring it’s gonna be more competitive,” Neri said. “My roomates joined the team this year as well and one day I just decided to come out with them.”

Freshman Eric Milliard, a business management major who joined the team after being recruited during the club fair, said fall is to start working on things but that spring is “where everything’s set up and everyone knows what’s happening.”

“I went to the club fair and I was walking around and I saw the frisbee table,” he said. “My brother got me into frisbee back when I was in high school and I was talking with [captains] Harrison and Carter and they told me to come on down.”

Junior Carter Antaya, one of the co-captains Milliard was referring to, is also the team’s president. He is expecting a really special spring season which will bring the team to sectionals.

“It’s gonna happen” he said. “We have what it takes.”

Photo Credit: Carter Antaya



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