Looking back: Fall of 1988

Compiled from the Southern News archives by Josh LaBella – Managing Editor

Secretary of State addresses voting rights issue

Julia Tashjian, Connecticut Secretary of State, told Southern students that while they may feel voting is not important – it effects them, their parents, their grandparents and everyone around them.

Tashjian spoke to a political reporting class at Southern over the phone. She discussed issues such as election financing, absentee ballots, the party lever and what the Secretary of State does.

“Most people do not know what I do,” said Tashjian. “My office is like a big filing agency. It is the keeper of state regulations, state documents – about 25 million pieces of paper dating back to 1638 – and the keeper of, as well as the only one who is authorized to use, the State Seal.”

Tashjian also spoke about the upcoming presidential election. She said she believed the electoral college system was out of date and needed to be addressed.

“In this day and age, it is possible for someone to win the popular vote and lose the electoral vote,” said Tashjian. “It is time to change.”

More from Fall of 1988 September:

• Southern cuts the budget 3 percent to comply with a mandate by Governor William O’Neil.

• The women’s cross-country team wins the Fairfield Invitational Championship for the fifth year in a row.


• Famed astronomer Dorrit Hoffleit visits Southern to discuss her career and experiences.

• Former Arizona governor and presidential candidate Bruce Babbit and Connecticut Congressman Bruce Morrison discuss democracy in Chile at the Lyman Center.


• Due to renovations in Morrill Hall and asbestos in removal in the Buley library, some classes were taught in the residence halls.

• Southern receives $205,000 in state grants to improve computer labs on campus.

• President Michael Adanti holds an open forum with the Black Student Union to discuss racism on campus after an alleged racial incident in Schwartz Hall.

• The Jess Dow Field is finished and dedicated.


• An alumni phonathon raised $52,000 in pledges. Seventy-five percent of the funds went to Southern operating accounts.

• A white student who allegedly directed a racial slur at a black Schwartz Hall RA apologizes to 60 of the buildings residents.


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