Halloween candy elicits childhood memories

Hunter LyleReporter

To get students all over campus ready for All Hallows’ Eve, the student members of Programs Council spread holiday hype with cups of candy.

Stocked with a wagon filled of candy and other assorted spooky goodies, ProCon Daytime Programmer Mikaela Rivera and Senior Daytime Programmer Kelly Bickell walked around campus handing out free treats.

Bickell, a senior, recreation, tourism and sports management major, who got involved with ProCon during her freshman year, said that the ProCon Halloween event was a part of a new campaign of events that coincided with Halloween.

“This semester we have done a special event almost every week,” said Bickell. “One of our events is called ‘What’s On Wednesdays’, which is what we are doing today. We’re giving out goodie bags, we’re literally walking around campus

and like trick or treating for everyone.”

The ProCon duo began their Halloween special tour of campus in the food court of the Adanti Student Center, quickly running out of their first batch in 20 minutes.

At the food courts, the group met up with freshman English major Jarixa Colon, who dressed up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween. Colon said she loves Halloween because of the variety of ways that everybody dresses up.

“I just think that, with everything that goes on in the world,” said Colon, “it’s one thing everyone can agree on. It’s a fun day, let everyone be nice and give out candy and have fun.”

Colon also said that the ProCon Halloween event “made her day.”

“It’s adorable,” said Colon. “They just made me so happy.”

After reloading their wagon in the ProCon office, Bickell and Rivera once again set off to hand out treats to the students of Southern.

“We are trying to give everyone a great experience at Southern,” said Bickell. “So, a lot of our events are revolved around giving out free items, but recently, we have really been trying to make it more of an experience rather than just coming, taking free stuff and leaving.”

Bickell said that the ProCon Halloween was aimed at bringing not only Halloween spirit to campus, but more of a nostalgic childhood experience to campus.

“We thought that trick or treating would make it feel more like Halloween,” said Bickell, “I know that when we get older, it doesn’t really feel like Halloween, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas as much. So, we wanted to bring the holidays to campus.”

Leaving the Student Center, the ProCon team headed to the academic quad, where a conveniently timed Halloween themed flash mob erupted.

Elementary education major and senior, Devin Lynch was in attendance, and was able to treat himself to a free cup of candy.

“I think [ProCon Halloween] is great. It helps connect students to the holiday,” said Lynch, “and it also is a good promoter for Programs Council.”

From outside the library, Bickell and Rivera brought the holiday spirit inside the library, through the health center, and then through the Wintergreen building. They finished their run, and emptied the leftover candy from their wagon, back at the ProCon office in the Adanti Student Center.

“The Programs Council is really just thinking outside the box of fun things we can do,” said Bickell, “and then we make it happen for everyone.”

Photo Credit: Hunter Lyle

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