Anime Society holds annual Cosplay Café

Jacob WaringReporter

The Anime Society held their annual Cosplay Café at the Farnham Programming Space. Originally the event was planned to start at 6:30 p.m. but was changed to 8 p.m. and ended at 11 p.m.

Cosplay Café is where students simulate a café setting and serve their fellow students’ food, in this case Chinese. The main attraction was bubble tea, serving such flavors as mango, strawberry, matcha tea and black tea from Sing Wah, a Chinese restaurant where the food came from.

Lourdes Rivera, the president of the Anime Society explained how they decided who did what role at the café from preparing food, to serving, to visiting students. “Anyone in cosplay, I generally want them to serve but if they’re not comfortable serving food as waiters or waitress then serving food on plates,” Rivera said.

Out of all the food served, she said that the bubble tea took the most attention because it is the only item they are serving that they were personally preparing. All the other food was prepared and cooked beforehand by a catering service. The character Rivera was dressed as a female version of a Killer T Cell from the anime, ‘Cells at Work!’ which is an anime about anthropomorphized cells of a human body. She elaborated and said what the character was about within the anime. “Killer T Cell is basically a, I wouldn’t say a rebel, he comes from an anime called, ‘Cells at Work! Cell at Work!’ Is an anime about human body and certain cells within that body. He supposedly is very aggressive, very masculine,” she said. “I wanted to be like–I saw this hat, and I got the idea to be a female Killer T.”

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Jian Chan is the web administrator for integrated communication & marketing for Southern and is the advisor for both the Anime Society and Larping Club. He became the advisor last year when the previous advisor left the university. Beyond the Cosplay Café, he said that the club does more throughout the year.

“The Anime Society, the club has two meetings a week. Mondays is usually game nights. We alternate, one night is board game night, while the other night would be video gaming night,” Chan said.

Anime is watched during the other meeting time on Wednesday.

“While Anime is in our name, we’re also into gaming of kinds, board games, card games,” said Chan. “So, we have a lot of students with different interests.”

Freshmen and studio art major Alex Mickens, heard of Cosplay Café by an email sent to SCSU students that lists upcoming events in the week. Mickens said only positive words about their experience with Cosplay Café. “It was really awesome. It was very family orientated. Like everyone was very sweet to each other, kind. Positive energy all throughout the whole time, so I really enjoyed it. The food was amazing, especially the boba tea,” Mickens said.

Some students such as junior and communication disorders major Nicholas Palazzo, said he felt the atmosphere was enjoyable. “I think they’re group of nice people, I think food is really good, I don’t have any major complaints,”he said.

Sam Kjos, music major, said he thought it was fun, cool and enjoyed the food along with the quickness of the service.

“The food was brought out quicker than expected,” said Kjos, “and that was pretty cool.”

Photo Credit: Jacob Waring

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