Students show off shawls and scarves

Jacob WaringReporter

As the leaves change colors, and the season transitions from summer to fall, students’ apparel follows suite. A common fashion choice for combating the fall chills are scarves.

Whether an infinity scarf, classic scarf, cowl or shawl, students are beginning to break out these garments.

Elise Ryan, a senior, English major, said she is a proud owner of about twenty scarves. According to her, since she has so many scarves, she matches to the outfit she wears, and has enough to match all her outfits. Ryan said that the scarves she wears to school are both a fashionable choice, and a warm one.

“Today, I’m wearing two scarves,” said Ryan, “both are kind of thin, so I combined them. They matched my outfit pretty well, which I like. So in that sense it’s for fashion, but it’s pretty cold out today so I decided to wear scarves.”

She said that scarves speak to her from the rack. Once she sees a scarf she adores, she will buy it on the spot. She said that all her scarves are both functionable and fashionable in a way that they are visually appealing and provide warmth, but would layer up with two if it is a particularly cold day.

Jess Minty, a senior, education major, said she picked her scarf because she was battling a looming cold.

“I feel myself getting kind of sick,” said Minty. “I wear scarves when I’m not feeling well.”

She said she likes getting ahead of becoming sick, and battles by dressing warm. The scarf she was wearing was an infinity scarf, she said, the most popular variety that she has noticed on campus. She sometimes wears scarves for fashion, but typically only does when wanting to feel warm out in the frosty temperature.

“I don’t have any like, summer-y and spring-y scarves,” said Minty. “They’re like big, wool, functional scarves mostly. Most of them serve a function, they are also cute as well. So, like multifunction.”

Minty has said that sometimes when she is in New York City, she will get cold and will buy “one of those five dollar vendor scarves.”

According to Minty, she does not go out of her way to buy a scarf unless she needs one. It is with that mentality, she said, that she has accumulated such a collection of scarves over time. She also said that they do not look like cheap scarves, but they indeed are.

Lauren Brady, a junior, psychology major, said that she was wearing a stylish infinity scarf, and her scarf is not really for warmth. At the time it was 50 degrees out, and she said it was just part of her outfit.

“Well, I knew it was going to be sunny,” said Brady, “so, I knew it wouldn’t be that cold. It is nice because it does cover my neck that’s exposed. Because it is windy, and I picked this one because it’s lighter and I have a darker outfit on.”

According to Brady, she has two scarves for fashion, and two to three for warmth, she estimated to owning about six scarves. Brady said when it is closer to winter, she will change from a fashionable scarf to a warm scarf.

Photo Credit: Jacob Waring

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