Diner event brings students to the ‘50s

Hunter LyleReporter

As a part of the Homecoming week, put on by the special events committee at Southern Connecticut State University, the Farnham Programming Space was turned into an authentic 1950’s styled diner.

As students filtered into the large, open room, tables around the space were covered in trays of food, A&W root beer with authentic Coca-Cola glasses, and black event t-shirts.

“It is Homecoming week, so we have been incorporating different themes into every day of event,” said graduate intern and advisor for the special event committee Charlotte MacDonald. “The reason we chose to do a decades theme was because it was the 125th anniversary, so we are trying to honor and celebrate every decade.”

The food was catered by local Three Brothers Diner, MacDonald said they gave pancakes, French toast, bacon, sausage, home fries, and eggs. Root beer floats were served in novelty glasses, which students could keep after the event.

Besides the floats and food, there were also customized shirts, 150 in total. The shirts were given out free of charge, and had a colorful logo and “Decades SCSU Homecoming 2018.”

The idea of the diner was inspired by the movie Grease, said MacDonald, so the committee chose to go with a rock and roll diner theme.

Immediately following the end of the event, around 8 p.m., there was a screening of the original 1984 version of movie Ghostbusters, featuring Bill Murray.

Kessiah-Ali Powell-Keyton, a sophomore, psychology major, said she was attracted to the event for a variety of reasons.

Powell-Keyton said she originally thought of going mainly so she could support a friend.

“But then again,” she said, “breakfast for dinner is pretty awesome.”

Jenna Elste, a freshman, pre-nursing major, said she came to the event with a crowd of friends from Farnham.

“[Word] went around my hall really fast,” said Elste. “Everyone was like, ‘are you going?’ and literally everyone walked out all together. Everyone was packed in the elevator and all came here.”

MacDonald said the decades themed week began Oct. 15, with the roaring ‘20s themed ultimate Deal or No Deal, followed by a dance party Oct. 16, and then
the ‘50s themed diner on Oct. 17. She said the week led up to last Thursday’s Owl Hype Night, a pep rally of sorts, with food and more free shirts, and Friday was the ‘90s party.

The celebratory week ended with the annual Homecoming football game, when the Southern Owls defeated the Yellow Jackets from American International College.

“I hope students enjoy free food and it’s a good time to get together with other students,” said MacDonald. “Enjoy the celebration of Homecoming because it’s only once a year.”

Photo Credit: Hunter Lyle

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