The Addams Family

Alexandra ScicchitanoReporter

Larry Nye, an associated professor of theater and director and choreographer of The Addams Family musical, the first show this year, said that the show is based on the characters in the cartoons.

“Some people have fond memories of it,” said Nye.

Every year, the theater department starts prepping for next semester shows in January and February to appear in October and throughout the next semester, said Nye.

“We have to secure rights usually by March or April, so we can secure our season so we can announce our season before we all leave,” said Nye.

With The Addams Family, said Nye, he received a unique set of dancers and singers for the show.

“It’s a long process, I think I made the right choice this year, the people that came in were wonderful, they fit the characters,” said Nye.

Michaela Tiani, a junior and business administration communications studies major, said that she’s seen The Addams Family before in high school, but that the one done at Southern was so much better and that it was a pleasant surprise.

“There was so much detail,” said Tiani.

The music for the show does not change, but Nye said that a music director will adapt vocal harmonies depending on what kind of voices they have. Nye said that he sets the bar high for choreography and that he tries to let them achieve it, but that he likes to challenge the members of the cast.

“A lot of them found it challenging,” said Nye.

With only four weeks to get the show up and running, Nye said that he lets the strong staff he works with do their jobs in the time that they have.

Steve Belli, a graduated student from Southern, said that he went to see The Addams Family because he used to do every single show for the past three years when he was here at Southern.

“I thought it was phenomenal,” said Belli.

There are many reasons to expose oneself to these kinds of shows, said Nye, mentioning that it is good to put your electronics devices down for once and enjoy a show in person and also saying that he believes this show is fun and the music is catchy.

“It’s just something you have to experience,” said Christine Manalo, an attendee of the show and friend of the director and a member of the cast.

“Live theater is totally different than anything else,” said Belli.

Being ambitious is needed for the season to happen and for it to be successful, said Nye.

“We try and cram two shows in per a semester so the next show will be auditioning, next week in between shows,” said Nye.

It is nice to go see how the show was adapted to onstage from cartoons, movies and television shows so according to Nye, that is why people should see it.

“So, it doesn’t get too political, or too anything really,” said Nye, “it’s just a fun show with a good message that ‘love is love is love’ no matter where you’re from, even if you’re an Addams.”

Photo Credit: Alexandra Scicchitano


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