Welles valuing chemistry in sophomore season

Hunter Lyle – Reporter

Based on the scores from their most recent games, Southern’s field hockey team has had a rough start to the season; so far, the team has lost every one of their seven games. However, despite the numerous losses, one of the team members says that she has not lost her optimism.

Karley Welles, a sophomore early education major said the season’s rocky start will not stop the team from working their hardest to get better. Tribulations and setbacks aside, as she begins her second season with the team, Welles says that she aims to stay positive and keep progressing alongside her teammates.


“I think the season is going okay, because we just started, and we are working out our kinks and striving to get better,” said Welles. “Obviously, right now, we are not winning as much as we want to, but we are changing our strategy and making adjustments, trying hard to get better every day.”


Welles said the Owls must practice hard and go back to basics, so that they can get better and have a shot at a victory.

“The team is currently focused on working together, repeating what we learned at practice during our games, and getting the fundamentals of the sport down,” Welles said.

Welles does not care too much about the score at the end of the game. Instead, she cares more about the focus and the team work demonstrated by herself and her teammates.

“Personally, I am less worried about winning and more worried about how my teammates and I play, both together and individually,” said Welles.

Welles has devoted her entire athletic career at Southern to playing field hockey. Welles said she found enjoyment in a sport she never intended on playing. Welles chose field hockey because of an eighth- grade foot injury that prevented her from playing soccer.

“I’ve only been playing field hockey for a few years now,”said Welles. “I started playing my freshman year of high school, because I fractured a growth plate in my ankle and I couldn’t play soccer.”

Welles said that she is grateful for how things turned out, because she enjoys field hockey more than any other sport she played in the past.

“I switched, and it was the best decision of my life,” said Welles.

Welles had no trouble adapting to the demands of her new sport. She immersed herself
in field hockey and, within three years, she became an All-State, All-Conference and All-Herald athlete at Newington High School.

Welles had a diverse athletic skill set that encompassed more than just field hockey. She was a three-season athlete who played lacrosse and golf during the offseasons. Welles also played club field hockey in a league, which is where she met Ann Farrier, the assistant field hockey coach at Southern.

“I played club for a few years, and assistant coach Ann was one of the coaches at my club,” said Welles. “I remember the first ever tournament that I played, because coach Ann was actually the head coach of my team at the time.”

Farrier said, after seeing her skill and dedication first hand, there was no debate about whether Welles had the talent needed to stand out amongst other high school athletes.

“She’s a highly skilled player, and I knew she would have a direct impact on
our team, because she was only a freshman when she started,” said Farrier.
“I knew that she had been playing at the highest level, playing club and traveling all over the country, so I knew Karley had what it takes to come and be a direct impact.”

After seeing her play, the coaches set up an overnight visit for Welles, so she could see Southern’s campus and meet fellow students. Welles said Southern turned out to be a perfect fit.

During her first season playing for the Owls, Welles became an instant presence. According to Farrier, Welles started in all 18 games and scored four goals in her first year on the team.

“Karley Welles is a great person, we’re good friends off the field and she’s just a great person,” said team captain, and senior Jana Migliaro. “She’s quick, and she definitely helps the team and works as hard as she can.”

“My mentality is just to work hard and be positive. We have to keep working hard every and being there for each other,” said Welles.

With 12 games left in the season, the Owls field hockey team looks to keep striding towards an NE10 tournament berth. The team plays Pace University in Pleasantville, N.Y. on Oct. 3 and Saint Anselm College on Oct. 6 in Manchester, N.H.

Photo Credit: SCSU Athletic Communications



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