Drummer uses music as escape from life

Alexandra ScicchitanoReporter

Sean Connelly said that he joined his band, Mandala two years ago, and its been an amazing journey touring and making music with them.

“The band that I’m in is called Mandala and I am the drummer for them,” said Connelly, who is a senior communication major who is focusing on advertising and promotion.

Connelly said that he felt very new because he is the third drummer for the band.

“I just love being in the band, I love travelling with the band, I love meeting new people and making them feel more positive through our music,” said Connelly.

Besides being Connelly’s roommate, Bryce Gentino, senior physics major, said that he genuinely likes their music.

“I spiritually connect with their vibe of music,” said Gentino.

Having been invited to a house party to be introduced to the Mandala music by Connelly, Gentino said that he felt an amazing part of himself with the lyrics and what they were about.

“Our [modus operandi] for a long time was ‘sad music you could dance to,’ ” said Connelly.

Making an impact on people’s lives and emotions is something Connelly said that he really enjoys doing through music.


“I found the band through Riverdale, the TV show,” said Victoria Colangelo, a fan of the band who was at their show on Friday at 8 p.m. at The Space Ballroom.

Colangelo said that she looked up a song from the show, and eventually it led to the recent album of Mandala’s on Spotify. When she learned that they were playing in the area a month ago she bought tickets right away.

“That’s the reason why I love music, because you can choose to be what you want to be with it and no one is telling you anything,” said Connelly.

The band has aw indie- rock-alternative-punk sound, said Connelly and that with
a creative mind, anyone can create a vibe that represents a band.

“I personally became obsessed with the band, I wasn’t even a member,” said Connelly, “I was planning to become one.”

Having been a member for two years, Connelly said that he has a backup lined up because being a musician never guarantees anything in life, which is why is he studying at Southern.

“If I could have it my way, I would love to advertise and promote in the music industry or something like that,” said Connelly. “As an advertiser or a marketer, it is hard for you to really enjoy your work if you don’t enjoy the product you are selling.”


Connelly said that his major is amazing because of how broad it is and that it is flexible enough to do a lot of things, and see where life takes him.

“I think music is a great thing for mental health issues, sometimes, and just ways for people to escape their problems, or have an outlet for their anger, or their sadness or their frustration,” said Connelly.

“I think music is one of the most important things in life sometimes.”

Photo Credit: Hunter Lyle


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