Nothing beats home cooking with friends and family

Alexandra Scicchitano – Reporter 

When I was little my family and I used to eat at Wendy’s every Friday. Beyond the period we did that, we only ever went out to eat for special occasions. On holidays, we would eat at someone’s house. When my uncle lived downstairs in our two-family home in Stamford, we would have Sunday dinner every week. He moved out when I was in 5th grade; there have not been too many parties anymore. Since we have gotten older, my extended family has held far fewer events. Everyone seems too busy. Going out to eat or going to a restaurant is a pretty rare occasion these days.

My grandparents still have us over every holiday. My mother is an only child, so we are their only grandchildren. We continued the Sunday tradition, with less frequency, until we got to college. Now, my sister and I are always up in New Haven, and never down in Stamford.

I like going out to eat, but nothing beats making dinner with the family, sitting down and eating. Cooking seems a lot more memorable than going out to eat at an Italian restaurant. I remember being little, having such fond memories of my aunts and uncles, my grandparents and my family sharing a great time. It was loud, lots of screaming and laughing. It was a good time.

Now, in college, I do not go out to eat much. My sister, who also attends school in New Haven, and I have only gone out to eat a handful of times, since we do not drive. Since we can not often make accommodations to eat out, my sister and I both cook in our dorms.

It is important to me to cook in my dorm, and share with my suite-mates. We are all so active, it is nice to have time to sit down and all eat at the table. Sunday dinners are almost impossible usually,  because my suite-mates have jobs and participate in sports. When we get the time, we try to eat all together, but sometimes it will be only two of us. One of my suite-mates is also Italian, so she understands the dynamic of family dinner.

Grocery shopping, itself, can be a bonding activity. Scanning the aisles, picking out ingredients up with the intention of making a meal, it is great to know you and the people you share time with are contributing together.

It is good to have a pleasant relationship with people you live with. I believe cooking can bring people together; eating is social activity, and should be enjoyed with your friends and family.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Scicchitano


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