Migliaro, Craft named captains for 2018 season

Michael RiccioSports Editor

Jana Migliaro and Brianna Craft both said there will be added pressure this season as they were named captains of Southern’s field hockey team.

“Being juniors, in the back of your head you know there’s older players on the team,” Craft said. “There’s seniority. If you have the passion, if you have the heart, I think you can be a good leader though.”

Craft holds the Owls’ single game and season record for most saves in a season. Entering her third year as the starting goalkeeper for Owls, she said it was really important to be named captain with older players still on the team.

“It was really nice that they thought of us, even though we weren’t seniors, could lead the team in a positive way,” Craft said. “Even the seniors were really happy for us and I think it’s really meaningful that they thought we could fill that role.”

Craft was thrown in a leadership role ever since she arrived at Southern. As a freshman, she started all 18 games as the goalkeeper. She said she has learned how to deal with the pressure and being in a leadership position.

“At that time, no sophomores really played so it was me and all seniors on the field,” Craft said. “Sometimes seniors don’t want to listen to a freshman and you’re playing a position where everybody has to listen to you. A keeper has to command the whole backfield but it got easier as people realized I knew what I was talking about.”

Sophomore Jessica Maier said Craft’s leadership comes through her actions and that she is always working hard.

“Her effort and work ethic on the field proves that she has earned her spot,” Maier said. It’s really motivating to see from a leader and captain because it provides an example for what the rest of the team should be doing.”

Maier said Migliaro supports her and the team vocally by always saying “Don’t give up.” She said Migliaro lights a fire in the team to work harder than in the past.

“Her vocalization and support is tough and she expects a lot from us,” Maier said. “She holds us accountable on and off the field which I think is important when it comes to working hard and becoming better together as a whole team.”

Maier said the two of them combined are a great team and are strong unit when leading the team.

“I am getting support in different ways that helps when it comes to game time,” Maier said. They have already pushed me to work harder and fight through difficult situations this season.”

Migliaro, who also played for Southern’s basketball team her freshman and sophomore years, said she learned a lot from previous captains she had for both sports. She said she can apply what worked best for her with her teammates this year.

When Migliaro was a freshman, Nicole Grossbard, a senior guard for the basketball team was Miglario’s captain. She said she’s seen many different styles of being a captain, but Grossbard stood out to her the most.

“She was really able to separate being captain and sports and being a friend outside,” Migliaro said. “She had a good balance and that’s what I try to be like.”

Migliaro said her experience being a two-sport student-athlete will also benefit her in her leadership role for field hockey.

“It definitely helps you talk to people, get to know people, see what works for people, what doesn’t work for people, and it definitely helps with being a captain,” Migliaro said.

Craft also said previous captains have helped her prepare for her role this season. She said there a lot of things she’s realized and now understands from being a captain that other captains did in the past.

“Sometimes there’s those captains that scream at you and at first you think it’s really annoying and would never do that,” Craft said. “Then you actually are in that position. Sometimes to get your point across you really do have to be vocal. You recognize it’s not yelling it’s just being vocal.”

The Owls have not made the NE10 Tournament eight times since 2003, and the NCAA Tournament twice. However, they haven’t made the NE10 Tournament since 2013, and have not had a winning record since 2008. However, Craft she is looking to change that this season.

“We want to be over .500,” Craft said. “We want to be a better team unit on the field have a positive attitude team chemistry throughout the season.”

Photo Credit: southernctowls.com


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