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Students relationships and infidelity

Victoria Bresnahan General Assignment Reporter

Sara Gaccione, a junior accounting major, said cheating is doing something one would not want their significant other to do to them.

“You can be friends, but don’t cross the line,” said Gaccione.

In addition, Gaccione said she would not feel comfortable with her partner texting someone else either. Gaccione said it is not cheating when her boyfriend likes another girl’s photos, but she does get upset by it. If it is a photo of his friend, she said she does not mind, but photos of women scantily dressed do bother her.

Gaccione said she has never cheated on a partner.

Collin Dunn, a junior accounting major, said he has been cheated on. He said he was with his now ex-girlfriend on and off for five to six months and found out after the fact. He said the experience was “really bad.”

“I am way past [forgiveness], so,” said Dunn. “Maybe if it was somebody else. I think it was just that specific girl, but if it was somebody else, maybe. But it happened a couple times [with this one person.]”

Dunn said since he has been cheated on he would proceed with caution if he discovered someone he was interested in had cheated on someone else in the past. If someone likes the person enough and trusts them, then he said they could move past that.

Mike Burek, a junior accounting major, who has never cheated or been cheated on, said he would still date someone if he found out they had cheated on someone else in the past. He said everyone deserves a fair chance.

“Can’t judge what is in the past,” said Burek. “People change and sometimes people don’t. I feel like if you like the person you take the chance and find out.”

According to a 2017 Trustify survey, a business which connects clients to private investigators, stated in over 1/3 of marriages, one or both partners have cheated. In addition, 22 percent of men and 14 percent of women have admitted to cheating on their partner.

Will Hendrick, a sophomore computer science major, said looking at someone or hanging out with other people is not cheating unless a line is crossed.

“If they went out and a chain of events kind of happened and they ended up hooking up or doing something with someone else,” said Hendrick, “I don’t know if I would be as upset if it was just like they knew what they were doing and went out of their way to cheat on them.”

Amy Boswell, a sophomore computer science major, said using social media to view someone else’s photos or sending inappropriate messages could be considered cheating. Boswell said with the creation of social media, people can accuse their partners of “stalking” if they are looking at someone else’s photo. However, she said for some people “liking” a photo is nothing more than that.

During her previous three-year relationship, Boswell said she was unfaithful. She said they did end up breaking up, but for different reasons.

“I mean, it was just like a kiss,” said Boswell. “It was not intentional, like what I wanted to do. But it happened, and I told him.”

Photo Credit: Victoria Bresnahan

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