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Floyd Mayweather vs the UFC

Kevin CromptonSports Editor

Boxing and MMA: Some similarities, many differences. In each sport, fighters punch each other in the face, there’s blood, and every so often knockouts happen. The major difference between the two is simple. In boxing you have two weapons: Your right fist, and your left. In the world of MMA your whole body becomes your weapon. While the UFC and other leagues do have their fair share of rules, when you step into the octagon and that cage door closes behind you, it’s essentially a street fight.

Last year, UFC fighter, and current lightweight champion Conor McGregor made the transition from the octagon to the ring. Although McGregor lost by unanimous decision to now 50-0 Floyd Mayweather, McGregor was not “out of his element” so to speak. If you ask me, McGregor won the first few rounds of that match before he became fatigued and Mayweather could do what he does best — avoid being hit, and patiently wait for the right moments to throw his punches and make his strikes count.

When the talks began of McGregor making his boxing debut against the champion no one believed it would happen. It was just two big-ego, loud-mouth fighters taking verbal jabs at one another. But then the gloves came on and history was in the making. Mayweather vs McGregor became one of the most watched fights and second best-selling pay-per-view in history (Mayweather vs Pacquiao remains as the best-selling PPV).

Now in 2018 Mayweather claims he is coming for the UFC. The 41-year-old retired boxer says that he is set to train with current UFC welterweight Tryon Woodley. While Woodley (18-3) is an exceptional fighter, he is going to have his hands full training Mayweather. Can he teach an old dog new tricks? For obvious reasons, Floyd doesn’t need to work on his striking. Although Mayweather probably throws a kick about as good as I do, working on his kick game is not in his best interest. What Mayweather needs to learn from Woodley is how to anti-wrestle and keep the fight on his feet. Making the fight a boxing match for as long as possible is his only shot at not getting embarrassed and tarnishing that indisputable ego.

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