Isaiah Thomas traded again

Kevin CromptonSports Editor

The world of sports is a business. We know that. We’ve heard it more times than probably
necessary, but unfortunately that cliché is not going anywhere fast.

Former Cleveland Caviler Isaiah Thomas, who now suits up in the purple and gold of Los
Angeles, has played for five different teams in his seven-year NBA career.

A trade that sent the 5-9 point guard to the Lakers was finalized on the last day of the NBA
trade deadline, Feb. 8.

“I didn’t think they would pull the trigger that fast, 15 games, said Thomas in a recent
ESPN E:60 interview. “But again, it’s a business. And the Cavs were, I mean, they were in
panic mode. We were losing—a lot. And I think they felt like they needed to make a
move, and they, they basically cleared house.”

Thomas’ longest stint with any team was three years with the Sacramento Kings who
drafted him in 2011 and kept him until 2014. From there he spent one year with the
Phoenix Suns, two in Boston, and half a season with the Cavs.

A hip injury suffered by Thomas, and Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge’s ability
to acquire five time NBA all-star Kyrie Irving, led to Thomas’ send off in Boston.

However, could the “system player” tag that critics adore placing on athletes throughout
all of sports be a reason for the nomadic lifestyle IT has unwelcomely inherited?

Boston was the perfect fit for Thomas with the offense built around him enabling him
to score 30 points a night. A now less athletic – due to the former hip injury – and always
undersized point guard, finds himself in the shadows of LeBron James, and averaging
roughly 12 points per game. Thomas is once again victim to the unforgiving – ‘chew you
up and spit you out’ – business of sports.


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