Students unite and dance to Colombian music

Micaela ValentinSpecial to the Southern News

If you walked through the campus quad on Thursday, Sept. 21, you would have heard students clapping to the beat of a traditional Colombian songs, played by the Spanish Club, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. You would have witnessed a vibrant display of popular Colombian dance, by two members of the Spanish club, Vice President, Karen Cuzco and Kaylee Fuentes, and even a few students who felt comfortable enough to join in with some moves of their own.

Most importantly you would have witnessed unity, not just from the members of the Spanish Club, but from students from all walks of life. Complete strangers coming together just for a moment, to watch, to dance, to laugh, and to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

For just a moment, the academic quad felt like home to those walking by as well as those who joined in on the fun.

Students from Southern were able to immerse themselves, not just in the traditional Colombian music and dance, but in the Spanish language.

Mercedes Valentin, who is running for treasurer of the Spanish Club, said, “I wanted to be a part of this organization because I liked the environment. I immediately felt at home. This is a tight knit community that doesn’t exclude anyone who wants to be a part of what we’re doing.”

Cuzco, who honored her country, Colombia by putting on a show, agreed she became involved with the organization because she felt welcomed and believed in their mission.

Spanish Club Vice President Karen Cuzco. Photo Courtesy: Micaela Valentin

President of the Spanish Club, Karla Vega, announced to people passing by that this showcase was meant to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, featuring various events from September 15 to October 15. Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the history and cultures of various Hispanic and Latino backgrounds–this inclusive commemoration also unifies people backgrounds by honoring and celebrating their music, their languages, and their rich cultures that are deeply rooted within them.

Members of the Spanish Club are the most proud of the one thing they all have in common: the Spanish language. Despite the different nationalities that the group is composed of, the thing uniting them is the way they communicate with each other. Vega expressed the importance of them being able to use their own voice.

“So many cultures understand each other because of this language. Our culture intertwines with the language,” said Vega, “The Spanish Club aims to immerse their members in the language in a fun and active form.”

While the Spanish Club focuses on the importance of the language, what holds them together is the strong belief in unity, and welcoming all.

“Come one, come all,” Vega said, “It doesn’t matter what you look like, or what language you speak.”

This welcoming mentality is one that we could use more of, not just on the Southern campus, but in the world itself.

If you missed this event, do not worry. They will be showcasing a different style of dance every Thursday in front of the academic quad. The Spanish Club encourages people to come get an educational experience, and have fun while doing it.

Photo Courtesy: Micaela Valentin 


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