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Healey makes history

Captian Nicole Healy rewrote the SCSU records books for career points in lacrosse against St. Michael’s on April 8, 2017. Photo Credit: SCSU Athletic Communications

Michael ApotriaSpecial to the Southern News

Junior Nicole Healey rewrote the SCSU records books against St. Michael’s on April 8, passing Allison Kownacki for career points in lacrosse.

Despite Healey cementing her legacy at SCSU, she said while breaking some of these records is exciting, none of them matter or compare to the teams record in terms of wins and losses.

“While it was exciting in its own right, the only record I care about breaking is the one for wins and losses,” said Healey. “ The record for wins in a season is only four and we have an opportunity to do that and that’s what my teammates and I are focused on.”

Healey said she is the type of player who is very passionate and motivated to win and be the best player on the field. Even when setting a new school record Healy said she was more concerned on how the team had played and the loss they had just received.

“I was still in the mindset that we had just lost the game,” said Healey. “I guess you can say I wasn’t thrilled because of the context in which the record was broken, but it was still pretty exciting.”

Owl’s women’s lacrosse head coach, Maureen Spellman, said Healey is one of the hardest working players she has ever coached. This season she witnessed Healey grow as a teammate as well as a player.

“This year Nicole has really stepped up and matured into a leadership role with some of the other girls,” said Spellman. “She is setting a high standard for her teammates when that she is someone who we can lean heavily on and she takes that role very seriously.”

Spellman said Healey breaking records is a major plus for the program in an otherwise down season and believes it speaks volumes of where the LAX program is headed.

“I think the biggest positive we can take from this is that this program is growing,” said Spellman. “If a player is breaking records that have been there for a long time, well, I think it shows we can only move up from here.”

With Healey only being a junior and having another year of eligibility, Spellman said she expects Healey to have her name in the record book next to several categories, and while she would love for those records to be set in stone, Spellman also wants the program to continue to improve as well.

“Honestly, Nicole is an absolute monster,” said Spellman. “As a coach and someone who plans to keep this program going, hopefully the records are not there for a long time. I’m thinking the goals will be there for a while and hoping the assist record skyrockets as we continue to grow as a program. But for her, I hope they stick around as long as possible.”

With only a few game remaining in the season for the lacrosse program, Healey said that her goal is to not focus on records and end the season on a solid note and begin preparing for the next.

“I am not a person who is motivated by breaking records. We’re looking to finish this season strong and start strong the next year,” said Healey. “ Hopefully, we can learn from some of the mistakes we’ve made this year because I believe we’re going to have a great group of girls returning next year.”

Photo Courtesy: SCSU Athletic Communications

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